Greg Weisman and Humberto Ramos team up to bring Miles Morales and Peter Parker together in their first co-starring ongoing Spider-Man series, Spectacular Spider-Men.

New Spider-Man Series Stars Peter Parker and Miles Morales

Two beloved Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, are teaming up to star in their own shared continuous comic book series, titled Spectacular Spider-Men. Greg Weisman, acclaimed for his work on the admired Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, is one of the creative minds behind this project. Joining him is the classic Spider-Man artist, Humberto Ramos. The pair have been brought together to tell a new story of action and adventure featuring Peter and Miles.

The series, 'Spectacular Spider-Men' has a strong link with Marvel history, as the 'Spectacular Spider-Man' is a celebrated series from the Marvel archives. Weisman and Ramos are therefore crafting a narrative that balances heritage with innovation, crafting a storyline that draws on classic elements of the franchise whilst also bringing course for excitement with its fresh, unprecedented collaboration between Peter and Miles.

The narrative of Spectacular Spider-Men is set to start with an exciting conflict against one of Spider-Man's enemies, the Jackal. This antagonist is a mad scientist villain who once cloned Spider-Man, promising a thrilling and dynamic story arc.

Weisman expresses immense joy to work with Spider-Man again, and finding the opportunity to write for both characters, Peter and Miles, is like a dream come true. He explains that in this series, the usually young and immature Miles will be seen trying to show maturity to his mentor, Peter. On the other hand, Peter finds ease in being his inner 16-year-old with Miles. However, when situations turn serious, so do the protagonists. This new relationship dynamic between Peter and Miles is something that intrigues Weisman as a writer and adds an intriguing layer to the narrative.

Humberto Ramos, who is known for his vast work on Spider-Man, joins Weisman in this compelling endeavor. Having worked on numerous Spider-Man issues over almost a decade, his eagerness to work on this project is palpable. Doing so "brings him back home", as he puts it. Ramos states drawing both Peter and Miles in a series is a treat and expresses affection for his work.

The inaugural issue of Spectacular Spider-Men is scheduled to be released on January 17. Fans of the Spider-Man franchise and the mainstream Marvel Universe are highly anticipating this team-up series. It will surely be an essential addition to the ongoing catalog of Spider-Man comics Marvel continues to release. With Weisman's enthused writing and Ramos' vivid illustrations, this series promises an exciting journey for both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, giving fans a chance to see their cherished heroes in an exhilarating new light.

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