The British comedy series Peep Show could be returning for a reunion, suggests actor Robert Webb. A chance to watch the co-inhabitants Mark and Jeremy arguing into their golden years!

Peep Show Rebound: The El Dude Brothers May Reunite

Let the trumpets blare, folks! Our much-loved El Dude Brothers from Channel 4's iconic sitcom 'Peep Show' may just make a comeback. The ever-awkward, always hilarious British comedy which launched two decades back might just pop the cork on a reunion special. Imagine watching the lovable misfits Mark and Jez bickering into their twilight years. Now, isn't that a chuckle-worthy thought, and much-awaited one at that?

Robert Webb, one half of our favorite disaster duo, dropped this bombshell during a chat with NME. Webb posits, "We’ve always said that it would be amusing to revisit them as old geezers, squabbling incessantly in the same decrepit flat". If you've stopped giggling at that little nugget, you'll need to brace yourself again because this might not be just his wistful thoughts. The maestro behind the chaos, show writer Sam Bain, didn’t rubbish the reunion possibility either. He chose to be enthralling vague with a cheeky "never say never". Oh, the anticipation!

For those who've missed this slice of comic genius, 'Peep Show' introduces us to the hilariously mismatched flatmates Mark Corrigan, a role aced by David Mitchell, and Jeremy or Jez portrayed by Robert Webb. It started gracing our screens and tickling our funny bones in 2003. The first episode didn't set the world on fire but soon became a cult phenomenon. In subsequent years, fans laughed, cringed and laughed some more, following the ludicrous capers of this inept pair. After all, with a stunning (and somewhat stupefying) 96% score on Rotten Tomatoes, this show’s hilarity knows no bounds.

The show left us in a fantastically offbeat fashion after nine seasons, with the unlikely twosome harmoniously watching television. Their inner musings during this mundane act were hilariously contradictory. We got a glimpse of Jez secretly confessing a somewhat affectionate bond, while Mark debates how best to dispose of his unwieldy friend. A fitting end to their antics, wouldn't you say?

However, the question animating everyone's minds - will the Peep Show reunion definitely take place? Well, the jury is still out on that one, folks. But we can all agree, that the nine seasons full of the duo's ludicrous escapades are comedic gems. And, we will surely be revisiting these catastrophically entertaining narratives in the next 20 years, reunion or not.

Until the fat lady sings about the reunion, let's binge on the treasure trove we have. You can stream all the seasons of Peep Show on Netflix. For additional belly laughs, you might want to discover the 30 best sitcoms currently available for your comic indulgence.

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