Diablo 4 invades Overwatch 2 Season 7 with new looks and a massive character rework - and the return of everyone's favorite pig butcher!"

Overwatch 2 Season 7: A Treat for Gamers

The gaming world is in a buzz as we bid adieu to Overwatch's Season 6 with some unpredictable endnote. But fear not, the much-awaited Overwatch 2 Season 7 is here proving, once again, that you can teach an old game new tricks!

Scheduled to haunt your gaming consoles by October 10th, the new season, suitably named 'Rise of Darkness', is more trick than treat. With an aura of Halloween and spooky additions, it's ready to keep you on your toes. But the real fright - or delight, depending on your take - is the unexpected Diablo 4 crossover. The Trials of Sanctuary mode brings a Diablo 4-themed survival rampage where gamers will face off the kickass forces of Lilith Moira featuring unused Audioslave album covers like Azmodan Wrecking Ball and Butcher Roadhog. Sharpen your virtual weapons, because the fight has just begun.

We'd expect nothing less than the dedicated heroes - Sombra, Zarya, Illari, Lifeweaver, Reinhardt, Pharah - dolling up in their best Diablo attire. Impressed? Hold on to your gaming seats; there's more!

The juiciest bit for the die-hard fans are the hero tweaks and changes. The creators have finally listened to the fans' rants by dialing back the changes ravaged onto Mei in Season 5. The favorite hero is now being reverted to her good old self, sans the Deep Chill passive. A similar treatment is in store for Zarya’s Projectile Barrier, balancing her energy build-up and protective abilities to make the gameplay more fair. The cherry on top? The massive Sombra rework that may or may not have you pulling your hair out.

The much-loved Opportunist trait has walked out of the game, while Stealth slips in as her passive power. This throws you into a hide-and-seek mode, rendering you invisible with a boosted move speed when not trading blows. The teleporting mechanism just got better too! Now you can instantly teleport it in a blink of an eye. To top it up, her new skill, Virus, is coyly deceptive. It inflicts damage over time, with a bonus for those afflicted by Hack.

The anticipation keeps growing, as a Roadhog rework is expected to be rolled out later in Season 7. His transformation is promised to be colossal.

As the Overwatch League steps back into the shadows, its broadcasters are gleefully scrolling through the nostalgia-filled playbacks of the competition's final games.

The Season 7 of Overwatch 2 is sure to send shivers down every gamer's spine with its monstrous surprises. Get set for an unforgettable Halloween, folks! And maybe someone could clear a space on the mantelpiece for Roadhog's award for 'Best Butcher Cosplay.' Because let's face it, he was born to play that role.

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