Discover which Nintendo eShop indie gems topped the charts this November before the holidays, including genres like RPG, roguelikes, and unique adventures.

November 2023's Best Nintendo eShop Games

The latter part of the year is often bustling with anticipation for the holiday season and, in the gaming world, an influx of new releases hoping to capture the fascination of players. November 2023 was no different, as a wealth of indie games hit the Nintendo eShop, offering a diverse range of gaming experiences—from roguelikes and RPGs to creative simulations. Nintendo Life has curated a list of the eShop's hidden gems from November, providing game enthusiasts with perfect gift ideas and must-play titles.

The notable titles that graced the eShop last month have all earned commendable scores of at least 7/10. Among these are "9 Years of Shadows," an elegantly crafted game that scored an 8/10 for its immersive atmosphere and gameplay, and "ASTLIBRA Revision," which also left a strong impression. For football aficionados, "Football Manager 2024 Touch" delivered another staple simulation experience with an 8/10 rating. Additionally, the unique bath house simulation experience, "Spirittea," and the intriguing "In Stars and Time" did not disappoint, each receiving a 7/10 score.

Heading the list of standout games was "Thirsty Suitors," a captivating turn-based adventure RPG from Annapurna Interactive, developed by Outerloop. Released on November 2, the game presents an ambitious mixture of skateboarding, quick time events, cooking mini-games, and more, which meld into an audacious style complemented by a heartfelt narrative. The storyline touches on themes of heartbreak, identity, family, and South Asian-American culture, earning it high praise and a score of 7/10 for one of the finest narratives of the year.

Next up is "Worldless," crafted by Noname Studios and published by Coatsink Software, which reimagines the Metroidvania genre with a twist—incorporating turn-based combat that demands strategic thought. Launched on November 21, the game features dream-like visuals and exceptionally smooth platforming that requires players to engage intensively with enemy patterns and adapt their skills. Though presenting some challenging difficulty spikes, "Worldless" distinguished itself with a robust and refreshing take on the genre, receiving an 8/10 rating.

Topping the chart for November 2023 is "Astral Ascent" by Hibernian Workshop, published by MP2 Games. This surprise hit with its eye-catching aesthetics also delivers sublime gameplay. The combat is swift and enjoyable, boss encounters captivate, and despite the fusion of familiar elements within the roguelike genre, it executes its features flawlessly. Players get to choose from four unique characters, each offering a distinctive play style, and the flexibility to switch up spell combinations for different combative tactics. Celebrated as one of the most enjoyable combat roguelikes since "Hades," the title has earned a stellar score of 9/10.

Every month as it draws to a close, the staff at Nintendo Life cast their votes for the top games from a list curated by the editorial team. To be eligible for this list, games must have been released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch eShop within the month and have been reviewed by Nintendo Life. Following the staff's votes, a top-three list is compiled, celebrating the best that digital indie gaming has to offer on Nintendo's platform.

As the year winds down, these top picks from the November eShop selection make for exquisite gaming experiences, each with its unique charm and potential for hours of engaging gameplay. Whether you're looking to dive into a new story, conquer challenging battles, or manage your own virtual enterprise, November's eShop has something special for every type of player.

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