Doug Bowser, President of Nintendo of America, assures that his company and Microsoft continue to enjoy a solid relationship, proven by their history of game collaborations.

Nintendo and Microsoft Maintain Strong Partnership, Says Doug Bowser

The relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft remains not just robust, but thriving, according to Doug Bowser, the President of Nintendo of America. He reassured fans and industry watchers about this strong bond in a recent interview with Inverse, dispelling any doubts that may have arisen due to certain leaked Xbox emails.

Bowser went on to emphasize that Nintendo continues to enjoy a "great relationship with Microsoft" and its gaming division Xbox. This relationship, he stressed, is not a new development. Rather, it has been illustrated over and over again throughout the Nintendo Switch era, marked by notable collaborations like Minecraft and even the inclusion of Banjo Kazooie in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

"We have a great relationship with Microsoft," Bowser iterated, adding, "We consider them to be partners in many, many ways." He also shared the company’s excitement about "looking forward to that partnership continuing," implying the future still holds many exciting collaborations between the two gaming giants.

When questioned about the topic of acquisitions and consolidations in the gaming industry, Bowser, a veteran with more than 16 years in the business, conceded these occurrences are the "one thing" that has remained "constant." Nevertheless, he also accentuated how this trend is counterbalanced by the emergence of innovative and talented indie studios every year. He said, "As consolidation happens, on an equal basis, we're seeing these new studios, which really just speaks to the dynamic nature of the industry overall. In the end, that bodes well for the player."

Among the notable achievements of the Nintendo and Microsoft partnership thus far in 2023 include the launch of games like Minecraft Legends and even the iconic FPS GoldenEye 007 on the Switch Online service. Besides, Xbox also confirmed earlier this week how Nintendo players will now be part of the Call of Duty community following the completion of the Activision Blizzard acquisition.

The gaming community has since responded positively to Bowser’s reassurances about the successful partnership between Nintendo and Microsoft. Discussing its future, gaming enthusiasts have expressed excitement about what might come next from this fruitful relationship. The tidbits offered by Bowser have only served to fuel further speculations and anticipation among fans about the upcoming collaborations between two of the industry's biggest names.

Thus, comforted by Bowser's assurance of a continuing strong partnership between Nintendo and Microsoft, players can look forward to a stream of innovative and exciting video games that promise to make their gaming experience even more thrilling. As one of the dynamic and ever-evolving industries, this partnership serves as a testament that, in gaming, collaboration oftentimes leads to creativity at its best.

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