Using the 'Carpetless' technique, speedrunner Karinpune has set a new world record time in the Super Mario 64's infamous 120-star speedrun.

New Fastest Time In Super Mario 64's 120-Star Speedrun

In the ever-evolving world of Super Mario 64 speedrunning, a new record has been set and it is sweeping people off their feet. The 120-star speedrun which has notoriously been deemed as one of the greatest challenges in the game's history has now been completed in under one hour and thirty-seven minutes. But how did this remarkable achievement come to be?

The answer lies in the mastering of a technique called 'Carapetless.' Used to surpass the 'Big House in the Sky' star on Rainbow Ride, which traditionally requires a slow carpet ride, Carpetless requires the runner to make a precise triple jump and wall kick combo. With this maneuver, the player ascends up the side of the central house with precise and sharp movements. This technique was recognized since 2009, but no one had been able to fully utilize it during a speedrun to save a significant amount of time. It was an elusive feat, until now.

Enter Karinpune, a passionate speedrunner who has managed to perfect this technique. Through careful practice and execution, Karinpune has set a new all-star speedrun record with an impressive time of 1:36:48.5. This achievement dethrones the previous record holder, speedrunner Weegee, whose best time was clocked at 1:37:35.

To better comprehend the magnitude of this accomplishment, imagine: the average person is typically still navigating Mario's squishy home screen at this point in time.

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Surpassing the 120-star run in under 1:37 was once a dream for speedrunners in the Super Mario 64 community. When done correctly, Carpetless allows players to shave off almost a minute from their run time - a vast improvement in a game where milliseconds can be all the difference.

This new technique not only sets the bar high for future runners but also shows the immense possibilities yet to be discovered in the speedrunning community. Now, the question remains - how far can this technique be pushed in the future? Are we on the brink of an even faster run, made possible by ingenuity, perseverance, and precision?

For the uninitiated, speedrunning may appear to be just playing a game over and over again. But to the enthusiasts who dedicate countless hours to mastering skills like Carpetless, it's much more than that. It's about pushing the boundaries of what's possible in a game, making every movement count, and of course, that thrilling chase to beat the previous best time.

As of now, Karinpune holds the 120-star speedrun record. But with the technique of Carpetless now in the arsenal of Super Mario 64 runners worldwide, the competitive landscape has significantly shifted. As we look towards the future, we can't help but be excited for the new records poised to be shattered and the innovations yet to be unveiled. Only time will tell how the fast-paced world of Super Mario 64 speedrunning will continue to change.

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