The unstoppable Ridley Scott barrels through history, crafting epic battle scenes in just over two months. 'Gladiator 2' is next in line in his rapid cinematic conquests.

Napoleon Magic: Ridley Scott Conquers Film in 62 Days

Ladies and Gentlemen, place your bets, for the cinematic racehorse Ridley Scott is at it again, bringing historical epics to life faster than lightning hitting a poorly placed beach umbrella. The man who brought Gladiator - the blockbuster which pumped the cinematic steroids in the flabby genre of swords-and-sandals - is now donning the director's cap for Napoleon. Joaquin Phoenix of Gladiator fame takes the reins of this galloping leader while Vanessa Kirby doubles down as Empress Joséphine.

Unveiling his masterpiece discussing how politics and romance intertwine on the glorious battlefield of History, Scott isn't just serving you a mere movie; it's a scrumptious buffet spread of sleepless nights and caffeine-fueled filmmaking. This 85-year-old cinema stalwart started shooting Napoleon right after wrap up of "The Last Duel". The process? A blink-and-miss 62-day shoot of such gigantic proportions that it would intimidate a seasoned veteran, yet Scott stands unfazed.

Ever tried keeping a count of Napoleon's historical battles? Don't bother, there are 66 of those, and while no one is crazy enough to depict all of those on screen, Scott gives you a generous helping of six. Each staged against drastically unique backdrops, these battle scenes are like the grand cherry toppers on Scott's visual masterpiece.

Throwing light on his filmmaking mastery, Scott credits the skills honed at art school. With a prowess for drawing originating from years of training, he leverages this skill to storyboard each frame of his films. From close-ups to medium shots, every single visual has been imagined, drafted and then translated to the camera.

Trust Ridley Scott to operate the camera like a maestro playing an orchestra. Expanding his crew from a single camera operator on Alien to a powerhouse team handling up to 11 cameras for Napoleon, this whizz manages them all from his trailer-cum-command-centre. The secret to his quick and precise shooting? Geometry! With the right angles in place, he puts his ensemble of cameras to work, wrapping up massive battle scenes in just six days!

As if this intense conquering of filmmaking wasn't enough, Scott isn't done yet. Revealing plans of chewing through the shoot of Gladiator 2 in an even swifter 54 days, Scott shows he's got plenty of steam left.

Get ready to meet Napoleon at theatres this November 22nd. For hardcore fans who like to keep tabs on this epic fabulist, grab the latest issue of Total Film, featuring an in-depth discussion with Scott, hitting shelves this October 12th. And for those wondering what the future holds - Gladiator 2, coming to screens at warp speed. One small counsel though – better buckle up, Ridley Scott doesn't do slow.

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