Disney Plus begins Loki season 2 with a hilarious nod to Moon Knight, resulting in a cosmic gag that, sadly, got left on the cutting-room floor.

Loki and Moon Knight: A Cross-Over of Laughs

Greetings, fellow humans! In the magnificent realm of hour-long popcorn crunching, Disney Plus just kick-started Loki season 2. Amidst all the hilarious temporally dazed shenanigans, there lies a crossover with Moon Knight. But, here’s the head-scratcher: it didn't even make it to the final product. Confused much?

Here's a slight spoiler alert for you invested in Loki season 2, episode 1. Our fan-favorite mischief-maker Loki is seen leaping through the TVA (Time Variance Authority) in a canary yellow flying car. However, the god of misadventure ends up crash landing, much to the shock of an unsuspecting TVA worker, our buddy Casey. Disney Plus geeks might remember him from season 1, who appears to be jamming to a relaxing and calming audiobook.

In a YouTube clip released just before the season premiere, the audio this time did a 180. The snippet goes, "Solving puzzles is a great way to keep your mind…" Seems odd, but Moon Knight fans might be on to something. Turns out that’s the very podcast that Steven Grant from Moon Knight listens to stave off sleep.

Why did this super fun crossover end up cut from the final episode? The world may never know. But, here’s a plausible detective conclusion for you: Loki's season 2 showrunners, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead had a hand at directing a couple of Moon Knight episodes. So, it could've been just a humorous hat tip between the two shows, and nothing more.

Don't you fret; the first episode of Loki season 2 has already dropped some serious shockers with Kang the Conqueror’s ominous presence and a fantastic post-credit scene that has all of us scratching our heads.

The show continues on Disney Plus, stamping our weekly geek calendar. Feeling lost in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) haze? We’ve got a bunch of resources for you: Loki season 2 guide, Loki season 2 release schedule, Marvel phase 5 and other upcoming movies, and fun comic book histories of characters like Judge Renslayer and He Who Remains.

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