Dress to kill as the new Create-a-Class system allows you to strategically decide your own warfare attire.

Fashion Forward Warfare in Modern Warfare 3

Why stop at guns when you can pull your weight in style in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? Your soldier's wardrobe is no longer just for show. It's time to put the 'war' in 'wardrobe' as you get to geniusly gear up your avatar! Clearly, the developers have taken 'Dress for Success' quite literally.

Wardrobe choices are a strategic asset in Modern Warfare 3's all-new Create-a-Class system. This isn't about picking the snazziest camo to wow your enemies. No, no, no! It's about stuffing your chosen tactical vest full of the gear to unlock your soldier's style potential (and by style, we mean how awesomely you take down foes).

During the beta phase, you can choose between four fancy vests (that number may increase, they're keeping us on our camo-covered toes). Each vest is like a swiss army knife of capability - crammed with passive bonuses and loadout slots.

Really, it's high fashion meets high octane action. Should you choose the Infantry Vest, you'll benefit from increased Tactical Sprint (ready, set, dash!) and a versatile set of loadout slots. If you're more of an explosives enthusiast, the Demolition Vest is your BFF, providing lethal equipment and resupply capabilities every 25 seconds.

For the brainy soldiers who prefer strategy over sprint, the Engineer Vest is your grim reaper's Gucci. With not one, but TWO, gear slots, you can load up on intelligence perks. In layman's terms? You can bag both Hardline and High Alert perks at the same time. They say knowledge is power, and here, it's a power suit!

Your Choose-your-own-fashion-adventure doesn't stop at vests though. Gloves aren't just accessories here. They offer tantalizing prospects like increased weapon swap speed or the ability to reload while sprinting.

And let’s not forget your footwear. Swap out your boots to eliminate your footstep sounds or shoot up your climbing speed. They're no Jimmy Choos, but they do the trick!

If you're losing patience and can't wait for a detailed Vogue-like coverage of the wardrobe system, jump onto this Charlie’s Intel footage revealing all the dashing options you can pick from.

As Madonna would put it, "Strike a pose, there's nothing to it," she didn't add “while packing serious firepower,” but we can assume it was implied.

One can only say, ‘You've got to hand it to them, (and by them, we mean the Modern Warfare 3 devs), they've certainly put the 'cat' in 'catwalk' (read: walking stealthily towards your enemy).'

But don’t just take my word for it. Go ahead, try out these sartorial selections and foray into the world of stylist-strategists in the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 open beta. PlayStation users, get set to strut this week. Xbox and PC gamers, your turn comes next week.

Prepare to turn the battlefield into your own personal runway! Because in the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, you don't just play the game, you wear it too!

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