As part of the upcoming Master Collection, the iconic PS1 hit game, Metal Gear Solid will reveal its first-ever trophies for PlayStation users. Gameplay is enriched with a total of 19 trophies for players.

Metal Gear Solid Reveals First Ever Trophy List

The PlayStation 1 (PS1) classic, Metal Gear Solid is set to make a comeback on modern PlayStation hardware through next week's Master Collection. For the very first time, it will have a Trophy list, bringing a fresh layer of excitement to this beloved gaming staple from the late 90s.

This marks a significant moment for long-standing fans as it's the first time Metal Gear Solid will include Trophies. Previously, sequels Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater were the only games from the series to receive their own Trophy lists but thanks to the work of Bluepoint Games on Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3).

Unlike the original title, which got re-released as a PS1 Classic on Sony's third home game system sans any trophy patch, the remastered return will see fans finally have the chance to earn a series of trophies, with a Platinum Trophy up for grabs.

Gaming site Powerpyx revealed the vital details about the individual requirements that players need to fulfill to notch up each trophy. According to their revelation, there will be a total of 19 Trophies for players to earn. From this, 11 are linked to the main storyline's boss fights and overall progress in the game.

To get the esteemed Platinum Trophy, the game needs to be beaten at least twice to earn the Bandana and Stealth Camo within it. Additionally, there are requirements for achieving either a Fox or Big Boss ranking in one playthrough.

But that's not all. Other challenges that earn Trophies include completing all the Virtual Reality (VR) Missions that character Raiden is tasked with in the game, and exceptionally unique to Metal Gear Solid, exorcising an image of a ghost.

However, specifics on the Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater trophy set are yet to be publicly revealed. Each of these sequels will too have their own separate set of Trophies for players to earn, including a Platinum Trophy for each.

With the game's release on the horizon, players can start preparing for their strategic gameplay to earn their well-deserved trophies. For those who have long admired the Big Boss playthrough, this is the perfect opportunity to strategize and plunge headfirst into the riveting world of Metal Gear Solid on the revamped PlayStation platform.

Whether you're vying for a prestigious Metal Gear Solid Platinum Trophy profile, finding the hidden ghost, or chasing the Big Boss rank, revisiting this classic game through the Master Collection offers a challenging and exciting voyage back into one of gaming’s most epic franchises. Showcasing a striking blend of tactical espionage, stealth, and action-adventure game mechanics, Metal Gear Solid stands ready to deliver a richly rewarding experience to a new generation of gamers and long-time fans alike.

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