A recent Halloween trailer from Marvel sparks speculation that Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance, may soon be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Ghost Rider May Appear in MCU: Marvel Halloween Trailer Hints

Marvel enthusiasts are abuzz with speculation following the release of a Halloween-themed trailer from Marvel Studios. The trailer, revealed on Twitter, ignites fans' imaginations by reminiscing on some of the MCU's chilling and suspenseful moments. Noteworthy scenes range from Doctor Strange's Multiverse of Madness directed by Sam Raimi, the unique special, Werewolf by Night, and even the spectral Miss Minutes causing havoc at the World’s Fair in Chicago in the most recent Loki episode.

The trailer retains its eerie aura until the end, but it's the final segment that has truly caught the imagination of the fans. A chain is seen lashing across the screen — a possible clue hidden in plain sight. Primarily, Ghost Rider, a significant Marvel character, is recognized by his chain. This discovery has led fans to theorize the impending entry of Ghost Rider into the MCU.

Fans' excitement was palpable on social media. One enthusiast asked, apparently on edge, if the scene at the very end of the trailer showed the Ghost Rider's chain. Another declared that the trailer ended with an indication of Ghost Rider's arrival for a special presentation.

Ghost Rider is a character name inherited by multiple individuals who are either possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance or mandated to serve demonic entities. Despite his popularity, Ghost Rider has yet to officially debut in the MCU. However, the chain, could be suggesting the imminent arrival of Ghost Rider characters such as Johnny Blaze or Robbie Reyes.

The narrative of Ghost Rider in film and television has been intriguing. Johnny Blaze, one version of Ghost Rider, was initially depicted by Nicolas Cage in a duo of films and later by Tom McComas in Agents of SHIELD. The newer rendition of Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes, was portrayed by Gabriel Luna in an ABC series.

The excitement generated by the possibility of Ghost Rider's entrance into the MCU doesn't stop at the trailer. Fans are waiting with bated breath to see if Ghost Rider will soon be racing to a theater near them. For exhaustive coverage on upcoming MCU projects, Marvel's Phase 5 guide and the correct chronological order to watch the Marvel movies, fans can get every detail through the Marvel comprehensive guide and related material.

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