An up-and-coming video gamer has caused a stir in the Super Mario 64 Speedrunning community by setting a new controversial record, cutting the previous world record by just one second.

New Record in Super Mario 64 Speedrunning Stirs Controversy

The often friendly and inclusive community of Super Mario 64 speedrunners has recently found itself the center of a gaming controversy. A seldom-used exploit known as the "carpetless" trick has been employed to skip one of the more tedious segments of the game, leading to major ripples in the speedrunning world.

In recent weeks, players discovered the power of the carpetless trick, a time-saving hack that eliminates the need for Mario to ride a slow-moving magic carpet in the Rainbow Ride level. This trick has been used to smash the current world record for attaining all 120 Stars in Super Mario 64. However, while this exploit theoretically should save around 45 seconds to a minute, the record was surpassed by a mere second. This led the record breaker to dub their achievement the "most cringe world record of all time," reflecting their belief that the exploit was not used to its full potential.

Not even this dubious accolade could stand for long, though. In a subsequent record-breaking attempt, speedrunner karinpune managed to chip away yet another solitary second from the previous best time. However, notwithstanding the fact that this trim was accomplished using the same controversial technique, karinpune's accomplishment was quickly met with criticism from the community.

Many speedrunning enthusiasts and experts held that the carpetless trick, while technically allowed, contradicts the broader spirit of the game by eliminating an integral, albeit challenging, portion. Furthermore, critics argued that its use without maximizing the time-saving potential felt superficial, leading to an even greater outcry.

The main point of contention arises not from the use of the carpetless trick, but how it was utilized. The community consensus is that this trick holds the potential to lop off approximately 45 seconds to a minute from the total run time if done correctly and efficiently. The disparity between this potential and the record-breaking two-second improvement has raised eyebrows among gaming aficionados.

It's worth noting that the Super Mario 64 speedrunning community is an extremely competitive space, teeming with skilled gamers always on the lookout for new strategies and time-saving techniques. The introduction of the carpetless trick breathed new life into this domain, and has since led attempts to shave off precious seconds from the world record.

The recent record set by karinpune demonstrates the ongoing commitment of players to push boundaries and find novel strategies to beat the speedrun record. The heated discussion that ensued highlights the passion and rigorous standards held by gamers and fans alike. While the controversy surrounding these slim victories remains, it's clear that this line of dispute is far from being closed.

Overall, this recent controversy reflects the evolving nature of the gaming world - and how even a single second can ignite intense debate. As gamers strive to optimize their strategies and use every viable trick in the book, many are eagerly awaiting the day when the carpetless trick is fully utilized and the one-minute barrier is broken. In the fiery world of speedrunning, it remains to be seen just who will blaze the trail to that next monumental record.

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