Ahead of Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s release on 20th October, Nintendo teases Mario's new mode of transport, an Inchworm Pipe, through a short advertisement.

Nintendo Presents Mario Using An 'Inchworm Pipe' in New Ad

It's not every day you see Mario, the beloved Nintendo character, taking a ride on an Inchworm Pipe. In an unexpected turn of events, Nintendo released a short advertisement showing Mario using this novel means of transport in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The commercial is a part of a bigger marketing campaign launched by Nintendo to create buzz around the game's release on 20th October.

The Inchworm Pipe, introduced in this new advertisement, has generated significant conversation online. As it turns out, this somewhat comical mode of transport is being introduced as a new feature of the game. True to its name, the Inchworm Pipe moves at a crawl, offering a unique, though not particularly fast, way to navigate through the landscape. This ad provides fans a sneak peak into the user experience awaiting them in the much-anticipated Super Mario Bros. Wonder game.

However, the Inchworm Pipe is not the only point of interest this advertisement has given us. The ad also gave fans an opportunity to listen to Mario's new voice actor in a clear setting, free of any distracting background noise. The new voiceover brings back the iconic “wahoo”s and “let’s-a go”s associated with the character. Though the person behind this new voice has not been disclosed, it appears that the beloved character is in safe hands.

Beyond the Inchworm Pipe and a new voice actor, Super Mario Bros. Wonder comes loaded with several exciting features. The game incorporates body-morphing power-ups, skill badges, stage modifiers and much more. Nintendo is hinting at an engaging and novel experience for the game’s fans.

Although the advert's wording may have raised a few eyebrows and evoked some chuckles, the underlying message remains clear - Super Mario Bros. Wonder has a lot of newness and excitement to offer. With just one week left until its release, players across the globe are eagerly waiting to experience these new elements first hand.

In amidst the anticipation, Nintendo continues their exciting marketing campaign. The Inchworm Pipe is likely just one of many surprises the company will uncover before the game's release. Whether it's a new vehicle, a powerful upgrade, or Mario's new voice, these teasers are only adding to the crescendo of excitement around Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Reactions to the ad and the Inchworm Pipe have been mostly positive, with fans expressing their anticipation for the game. Though few have joked about the unconventional mode of transport, there's an overwhelming appreciation for how Nintendo continues to keep the Mario universe expressive and intriguing.

Nintendo’s creative and unexpected marketing ploys, combined with the promise of innovative new game features, have truly stirred interest in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The anticipation only rises as the release date gets closer. So, it's time to mark the calendars and get ready for the grand unveiling of the Inchworm Pipe and other exciting elements as Mario returns in the highly anticipated Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

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