The newly released 'Mario Red Edition' Switch OLED has successfully doubled system sales in Japan. The console, possessing unique aesthetics and a silhouette of Mario on its dock, is skyrocketing in popularity.

Nintendo's 'Mario Red Edition' Switch OLED Doubles Sales

A wave of success has washed over the gaming community in Japan as Nintendo's newly premiered 'Mario Red Edition' Switch OLED effectively doubled system sales last week.

The "Mario Red Edition" is essentially the regular Switch OLED model with several unique embellishments aimed at Mario fans. The console sports a coin graphic and a silhouette of Mario on the back of the dock, giving it a unique appeal that gamers seem to appreciate.

The launch of the "Mario Red Edition" saw record-breaking purchases of 110,241 units, as per data provided by Famitsu, which is a Japanese video game magazine. This accounts for twice the number of systems sold during the week before the launch, signifying the immediate and impressive success of the new edition. The 'Mario Red Edition' Switch OLED’s success isn't an isolated incident, as it follows a similar trajectory to previously released themed systems, such as Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Splatoon 3.

The 'Mario Red Edition' Switch OLED’s release couldn't have been timelier. It coincides with the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which is scheduled to be released on the 20th of October. This timing could potentially contribute to the success of both.

However, the massive surge in system sales has left experts in a state of surprise. Bernstein analyst Robin Zhu, in a conversation with Bloomberg, expressed astonishment at the sales numbers, noting that the new Nintendo console is "the same device with a different plastic cover."

Nintendo has set its sights on selling 15 million units for the ongoing fiscal cycle, which ironically marks a decrease of approximately 17% from the previous year. Although this seems like a counterintuitive strategy, this could be a calculated move. With the launch of the 'Mario Red Edition' Switch OLED, Nintendo seems to be reinvigorating interest in the Switch, albeit with a fresh aesthetic appeal.

The impact of this initiative seems to be mixed, though, as revealed by a recent Nintendo Life survey. Interestingly, 45% of participants expressed that they had no interest in acquiring this new themed system. Although this may seem like a dent in the overarching plan, it's clear that the new edition has found immense favor among a substantial portion of the gaming community.

This new console launch shows the power of aesthetic appeal in gaming units and the impact of strategic timing. With the hype around the release of the new Super Mario Bros game, the 'Mario Red Edition' Switch OLED may continue to captivate gamers, contributing to Nintendo's overall sales strategy.

It leaves us wondering - what other themed systems might we see in the future? For now, notwithstanding mixed reactions, one thing is clear - Nintendo's 'Mario Red Edition' Switch OLED is writing a success story in its homeland, contributing significantly to the surge in system sales.

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