Game developer CI Games reveals global unlock times for the highly anticipated game "Lords of the Fallen" for PS5.

Lords of the Fallen PS5 Set For Global Release

This week marks a significant occasion for avid gamers worldwide, as the much-anticipated "Lords of the Fallen" - a Souls-like game - hits the global stage. Arriving fresh from the grimdark presses, the game has already made significant strides, earning itself a respectable 7/10 in our review.

For those who have been eagerly awaiting this launch, the wait is almost over depending on your geographical location. Moreover, good news abounds for PS5 users as the preload is now live. In an incredibly resourceful move, CI Games has provided a comprehensive list of times in various parts of the world when players can start gaming. Essentially, the clock strikes the gaming hour once it is midnight on 13th October in your particular time zone. This launch follows the traditional pattern of most global gaming rollouts.

The unlock times, true to international time differences, are as follows: players in Los Angeles, Mexico, Canada, New York, Columbia, and Brazil can start gaming on October 13 at 12 am PDT, CST, EDT, EDT, CST, and BRT respectively. For gamers in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, and Australia, the game unlock time is also 12 am, in the BST, WEST, CET, CET, CET, CET, AST, CST, JST, and AEDT time zones respectively.

Recall that the PS5 trailer of "Lords of the Fallen" left most of us at the edges of our seats. The Gameplay and story of this Souls-Like game dared us to believe. With these global unlock times now revealed, this belief will soon be tangible for gamers, regardless of where they are on the globe. Many are no doubt thrilled about jumping into the realm of "Lords of the Fallen."

But of course, your affection for this game isn't a measure of your satisfaction with other Souls-like offerings such as the recent Lies of P. So, whether you're a first-time gamer looking for an immersive experience or a seasoned veteran seeking to replenish your Souls-like fix, it's great to know that the world of "Lords of the Fallen" is just a few hours away.

Please note that this global launching schedule is not only crucial for gaming convenience but is also testament to the effort made by CI Games to ensure that everyone, irrespective of their location, can tap into this thrilling gaming universe at the same time. This simultaneous global launch reaffirms the universal appeal of "Lords of the Fallen," a testament to the promise, potential, and power that this game holds.

In summary, global gamers should position themselves tactically, ensuring that their PS5s are preloaded and ready for action as soon as October 13 dawns in their respective locations. The world of "Lords of the Fallen" awaits with bated breath, and all that remains is to dive in and satiate the gaming thirst we've all been harbouring since the first trailer graced our screens.

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