CI Games and Hexworks launch a Pumpkin Patch update for Lords of the Fallen, reducing enemy density and adding full crossplay functionality along with performance and stability fixes.

Lords of the Fallen Update Brings Reduced Difficulty, Full Crossplay

Earlier this month on the ominous date of Friday the 13th, CI Games and its fellow developer Hexworks introduced the world to their reboot of the 2014 game, Lords of the Fallen. The complex soulslike game, met with modest ratings, has since been the focus of a major update aimed at improving gameplay and player experience.

Coming to the gaming community later today would be the eagerly anticipated Pumpkin Patch update. This extensive upgrade is expected to remedy significant issues gamers had with the original version, specifically, its high level of difficulty due to the streamlined enemy density in the game. After the launch of the Pumpkin Patch update, gamers can finally breathe a sigh of relief as they will face fewer foes in the most challenging areas of the game.

However, the easing of game complexity doesn’t translate to a decrease in entertainment value. The Pumpkin Patch update will equip Lords of the Fallen with full crossplay, a sought-after feature that allows gamers to play together regardless of the console or PC platform they are using. This commendable addition is closely followed by critical stability and performance fixes that are set to further augment the player's gaming experience.

The Pumpkin Patch update doesn’t stop at expanded gameplay mechanics. With Halloween around the corner, it infuses an animated holiday spirit into the grim domain of Mournstead, a key setting in Lords of the Fallen. Starting today and running until November 2, players can immerse themselves in a festive environment blooming with seasonal decorations.

In line with the Halloween theme, the update brings a new questline that gives players the chance to acquire the Pumpkin Mask, a helm fashioned after the popular symbol of Halloween, the jack-o'-lantern.

Besides, the Pumpkin Patch update brings significant changes to Lords of the Fallen's New Game Plus (NG+) mode. Building on the original version, a new tiered system introduces Vestiges (akin to Dark Souls' bonfire checkpoints) into the gameplay, challenging players with each increasing level of NG+ as more Vestiges are omitted from the run, thus escalating the toughness of each attempt.

Overall, the Pumpkin Patch update strives to invigorate the gameplay landscape with the introduction of radical transformations, reduced challenges, and full crossplay functionality across all platforms. As players await the update to go live before the day ends, many will be keen to experience Lords of the Fallen in its renewed form and to partake in the game's Halloween celebration.

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