Developer Hexworks acknowledges performance glitches on Xbox edition at launch, assuring users of an imminent patch to bring equilibrium across platforms.

Lords of the Fallen Launch Issues on Xbox Addressed

On the brink of the much-anticipated launch of Lords of the Fallen, developer studio Hexworks has sent out a pre-emptive alert to Xbox game enthusiasts. In an unusual announcement, the developer admits that the gaming experience on Xbox might not measure up to its counterparts on PlayStation 5 and PC.

Through a tactfully articulated tweet, Hexworks extended gratitude to all those who assisted in enabling a swift roll-out of performance enhancements, patches, and updates before the game's launch. However, they subtly indicate that while PC and PlayStation 5 players will be privy to the ideal game experience, Xbox aficionados might have to brace for some disappointments – albeit temporarily.

The Xbox version of the game, Hexworks promises, is undergoing updates aimed at attaining parity with other platforms. This performance-enhancing patch, they unveil, is slated for release in the subsequent few days. Speculations are rife, and many can’t help but wonder if the Xbox Series S could be at the root of these hindrances. Historically, the hardware limitations of this relatively less sophisticated sibling to the Xbox Series X have been blamed for similar disparities, such as the simultaneous launch of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox and PS5 platforms.

Despite their suggestive tweet, neither Hexworks nor the game's publishers, CI Games, have given precise cause for these performance issues on the Xbox. Enquiries for further clarification from both parties have been made and any responses will be noted in due course.

Despite the hiccups with the Xbox version, Lords of the Fallen is garnering considerable acclaim from gaming critics across the board. Reviewer Joel Franey has given the franchise opus a respectable, albeit not spectacular, 3.5 out of 5 stars. According to Franey, Lords of the Fallen just about manages to justify an encore of this previously retired franchise. Franey describes the game as being 'basically fine', with the gameplay containing a blend of innovative and more predictable elements. While the game doesn't tread any new or fresh ground, it doesn't quite cross boundaries or go wrong.

For those planning on delving into the game universe of Lords of the Fallen straightaway, make sure not to miss our detailed analysis of the best character classes for a head start. This guidance could prove instrumental in helping new players make an informed choice and enjoy the game at its fullest, regardless of the platform they play on.

Ultimately, despite the underwhelming initial performance on Xbox, Hexworks' proactive communication and reassurances about a forthcoming patch to fix this discrepancy give players reason for optimism. It's a clear indication of the developer’s dedication to ensuring a seamless and gratifying gaming experience across all platforms. Double-check your gaming armoury and prepare to step into the world of Lords of the Fallen at its complete, unblemished best.

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