Due to numerous technical problems, Lords of the Fallen has received mostly negative reviews. Developers Hexworks share advice on managing crash and performance bugs.

Negative Steam Rating for Game 'Lords of the Fallen'

In its first day of release, fantasy role-playing game 'Lords of the Fallen' did not receive the kind of reception the developers might have hoped for. On popular gaming platform Steam, it amassed a majority of negative reviews. The game had its fair share of success as it managed to position itself at third on the platform's global top sellers chart by revenue. However, a different narrative emerged when it came to user reviews.

Of the 1,320 reviews available at the writing time, most were negative. Users faced numerous technical issues, including low frame-rates, stuttering during gameplay, and devastating crash bugs. Amidst the negative impressions, there were a few positive reviews that praised the game's smooth performance - a description contrasting the general response.

The game's issues seem to coincide with what Ed expressed in our review, considering its technical sturdiness. "The game's performance is quite poor across the board," he said, adding that the game experienced frequent frame drops even on low settings. He also mentioned that the review build was constantly patched during his playtime.

Developer Hexworks has been quick to respond to these issues by offering tips to avoid the worst bugs for those who plan to venture into the realms of the game, Axiom and Umbral, this weekend. The first tip was straightforward: use the "auto-set" feature found under the graphics tab. Another suggestion involved updating the graphics drivers to their latest version to ensure compatibility.

For more technical fixes, Hexworks offered these steps: navigate to a specified location on your device and delete the *.UPIPELINECACHE file. Once deleted, right-click on the game, select 'Properties', 'Installed Files', and then click on "Verify Integrity of Cache". This should help resolve some of the more prominent issues players are facing.

However, if you're still experiencing technical challenges, developers on the support team at publisher CI Games suggest sending a diagnostics file and a GPU Debugging Log to their email. Providing these details along with your play hours and the steps leading up to the bugs may provide valuable insight for their fixes.

Getting hold of a GPU debugging log is a relatively simple process. In the Steam settings, input the command "-gpucrashdebugging". Then, when the game encounters a crash, navigate to a specific location on your device and find the LOTF2.log. This is the file you would email to CI Games for support.

Players can also report a crash directly to Lords of the Fallen's bug database utilizing the pop-up crash notification. The developers can use these reports to better understand them and implement appropriate patches.

Despite the technical issues, Lords of the Fallen hasn't been completely written off. Some positive reviews remark on occasional instances of engaging adventure that are reminiscent of Elden Ring. However, the game's various technical annoyances tend to overshadow its few commendable aspects.

It's clear that the game has potential. But until these technical bugs are decisively addressed, it will struggle to rise to the stature of being a truly thrilling role-play gaming experience.

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