The upcoming Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria game will feature John Rhys-Davies reprising his iconic role of Gimli. The actor shares his excitement and love for the character in a unique interactive experience.

John Rhys-Davies Returns as Gimli in Lord of the Rings Game

The fictional world of Middle-Earth returns with a fresh experience in the video game industry. The much-awaited, cooperative survival game, Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, is expected to launch on PC next week, with an anticipated PlayStation release in the future. A trailblazing trailer recently released teases fans with a familiar voice that immediately calls to mind the magical and mist-laden Misty Mountains of Tolkien's universe.

John Rhys-Davies, renowned for portraying the character Gimli in Peter Jackson's critically acclaimed film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, will be reprising his role in Return to Moria. The actor's love for his character is evident as he expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to revisit Gimli in a new context. He explains that sometimes it's hard for actors to let go of characters they've created with immense love, and Gimli is certainly one such character for him.

Set in the Fourth Age, post the events unfolded in the films and books, Return to Moria is a fusion of cooperative survival and crafting. It takes inspiration from Deep Rock Galactic and provides a third-person perspective gameplay. Players are expected to collaborate, form a strategy, and battle through the forgotten corridors and goblin-filled caverns of Moria to restore them to their ancient glory.

The storyline revolves around players being summoned by Lord Gimli, tasked with embarking on a daring journey into the heart of the Misty Mountains. Their mission is to reclaim the lost treasures from the dwarf kingdom of Moria or Khazad-dûm, located deep beneath the mountains. This thrilling quest necessitates fortitude, collaboration, and a fearless delve into the perilous Mines of Moria in order to retrieve its hidden wealth. The ultimate goal is to resurrect Moria to its past grandeur.

This upcoming game has revived interest in the Lord of the Rings’ franchise, prompting fan speculations and expectations about the experience of this game set post the events of the books and films. Opinions and anticipations are mounting in the gaming world, eager to witness the revival of this iconic Middle-Earth tale in a fresh, interactive format. The reprisal of Rhys-Davies' Gimli, alongside this intriguing setting and gameplay, serve as the primary pulls to fans worldwide.

The Lord of the Rings provides not just a rich universe brimming with fantastical lore and characters, but also a narrative that emphasizes unity despite overwhelming odds. This game presents an opportunity for fans to step into the shoes of those characters, creating a unique space for them to explore and contribute to the rich lore that Tolkien has created.

As we gear up for the game's launch and its eventual release on PlayStation, fans can't help but eagerly await to step back into the shoes of their beloved characters, ready to venture into the darkness of Moria with trusted allies by their side, for one last grand adventure. After all, as Gimli himself might say, this is just another formidable task that "still only counts as one".

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