A Loki theory gets the comedy makeover it deserves as fans speculate whether our quirky, endearingly naive TV buddy, Ouroboros, might, in fact, be the mascot of cosmic Time Deja-vu.

The Forgetful Time-Travelling Snake: A Hilarious Loki Theory

Once upon a timey-wimey in the land of TVA (Time Variance Authority for the uninitiated), lived a fuzzy-headed chap named Ouroboros. Loki and Mobius, our dashing time-benders, roped in this resident techie and part-time underworld dweller to help find Sylvie and halt 'He Who Remains', the choppily named Kang the Conqueror aka Victor Timely. But there's a theory afoot that our dear OB might not be as unassuming as he appears.

Now, Ouroboros is a snake that traditionally dines on its own tail, a rather unusual trait, I must admit. But is there more to this peculiar “self-canibalistic” reptile than terminal indigestion? And could this have any bearing on our dear OB’s secret?

According to Reddit's celebrated detective u/MrGrimme, the sacred timeline for TVA is a closed loop (think of it as a Time Elliptical). With 'He Who Remains' pushing up daisies, there emerges a peculiar need for a timeline caretaker to fill in between his reincarnation stints. Who better than a history-munching snake who remembers everything, even after a hearty memory wipe-down at the TVA cleansing station? And who better than a serpent’s human doppelganger, OB, the only TVA staff member immune to memory-wiping (seriously, what brand of deodorant does this guy use?).

Our OB was born a regular Joe (okay, not so regular – remember, he’s a snake!). But given his delightful knack for turning into a Variant, he found himself scooped up by the hoof of ‘He Who Remains’. His memories suppressed, OB was shunted off to the TVA to serve the noble cause of Repairs and Advancements (I wonder if they recycle?).

Lifetime after lifetime – or shall we call them loop-times? – OB lives at TVA, knowing every dusty corner and every cobweb. He is the man who remembers...everything! If an ouroboros symbolises infinite cyclicality, and OB personifies the same trait, might we have happened upon the master key to the Time Lock?

So, does OB sip tea with Time or just borrow its keys and take the sacred timeline for a joyride? And is he amusingly forgetful or a sinister maestro orchestrating grand galactic routines? You'll have to unpeel the cosmic onion layers yourself! Sometimes, you really do have to laugh because if not, time travel theories might just make you cry!

Get your game on with Loki Season 2, streaming now. If you want more antics from the TVA and its colorful team, here are some hilarious Loki extended universe tidbits you can't miss. Happy watching and romping through the wormholes, folks!

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