The Yakuza franchise extends its reach to the Xbox Game Pass library with Like A Dragon: Ishin! now available across all Xbox and PC platforms.

Like A Dragon: Ishin! Now in Xbox Game Pass Library

Today is a great day for gamers worldwide, especially those with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Yet another exciting entry from the renowned Yakuza franchise, Like A Dragon: Ishin!, is now available on the platform. The SEGA-published title can be accessed across Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC from October 17.

Like A Dragon: Ishin! is uniquely set in the 1860s Kyo (modern-day Kyoto), characterized by widespread inequality. In this game, you step into the shoes of Sakamoto Ryoma, a samurai destined to alter the fate of history in his passionate pursuit of justice. With a mystery to unravel — finding your father's murderer — and a crime to absolve yourself from, there's plenty at stake. Your quest ultimately aims to restore your honor, bring forth the end of the samurai period, and influence the future course of Japan.

The narrative is complimented by exhilarating gameplay. With a blade in one hand and revolver in the other, the game offers a heated and engrossing historical adventure that only the creators of Yakuza: Like a Dragon could invent.

This game has been greeted with several positive reviews. Fans have praised this remaster for delivering another fantastic, immersive Yakuza adventure, touching upon social themes within a traditional gaming context. Moreover, the content updates, guides and gamelist for October 2023 continue to generate anticipation and excitement in the gaming community. With Like A Dragon: Ishin! now included within such a rich gaming environment, it only adds to the diverse array of choices gamers have within the Xbox Game Pass library.

Taking the above facts into account, it's hardly surprising to see a lot of enthusiasm among Game Pass subscribers. Several players have shared their October gaming plans, with many planning to delve right into this new addition to the beloved Yakuza universe.

In addition to Like A Dragon: Ishin!, Xbox Game Pass has confirmed six new games for November, while 30 more are expected to debut next week. This ongoing expansion of the game pass demonstrates the platform's consistent effort to provide a rich, diverse, and continually updated gaming experience to its user base.

However, amidst the new additions, Xbox users are being urged to back up their game captures while they can. Starting January 2024, Xbox will begin deleting stored game captures, urging players to keep their memorable gaming moments safe elsewhere and continue to make new ones with fascinating games such as Like A Dragon: Ishin!.

In conclusion, Like A Dragon: Ishin! is another feather in the cap of the Yakuza franchise, and its inclusion in the Xbox Game Pass library is indeed a celebration for gaming enthusiasts. Its distinct historical backdrop combined with thrilling gameplay ensures a positively unique gaming experience for Xbox players.

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