Korean game developer Round8 has hinted at new downloadable content and a major game update in a recent developer update, sparking excitement from fans of the Souls-like retelling of Pinocchio's story.

Developer Teases New Content for 'Lies of P' on PS5

The immersive fairy tale known as 'Lies of P' on PS5 has captivated numerous players around the world with its twisted take on Pinocchio's story, thanks to the brilliant minds at Korean developer Round8. Given the widespread adoration for this mythic tale, it's of little surprise that fans have been yearning for more. As it turns out, Round8 is not only aware of this plea, but they are prepared to deliver.

Recent updates from the company reveal plans for the expansion of this unique universe. Notably, players can look forward to a major update later this month that aims to rectify issues within the game to deliver a smoother play experience. Particular attention is geared towards rebalancing the initial stages of the game, aiming to ease the difficulty curve for new participants.

However, the development team is not stopping there. Additional features are intended to thank the game's supportive community, including an exclusive outfit that will be extended to players, free of charge. This gesture of gratitude comes in response to 'Lies of P' impressive sales, topping over one million units within just the first month.

Enhancement of the game also extends to customization within the story. As hinted by the developers, players will soon have the opportunity to "equip glasses and hats separately", bringing a personal touch to their character.

This youtube video shows an introduction to the 'Lies of P' fairytale.

In addition to these improvements, there's even more new content on the horizon in the form of downloadable content (DLC). While details about the much-anticipated DLC are currently scant, early concept artworks reveal a promising picture. The protagonist can be seen on the deck of a turbulent boat, offering just a fragment of what is expected to be a thrilling new adventure.

The excitement around 'Lies of P' is hardly surprising given the exceptional reviews the game has received since its release. A dark take on the familiar story of Pinocchio, it offers a unique and gripping gaming experience. As stated in an 8/10 review, "By fully embracing its dark take on the Pinocchio story, it sets itself apart from anything else available." The game's high-quality combat and extensive customization options make it an even more refreshing experience for gamers, often compared to the works of FromSoftware.

While the fandom eagerly awaits the arrival of the update and the new DLC, the shared anticipation is a testament to the substantial success of 'Lies of P'. Despite the wait, it's clear that the captivating fairytale of 'Lies of P' on PS5 will continue to evolve, offering immersive gaming experiences and gripping new adventures for its players. Fans can rest assured that this fairytale is far from over.

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