Join the Battle Royale of Closed Beta Testing for the highly awaited Kingdom Hearts Missing Link 2024 Release!

Kingdom Hearts' Beta Quest: Calling All Warriors from UK and Australia!

Buckle up, brave knights from the United Kingdom and Australia, it's time for your biggest test yet - the closed beta testing of the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts Missing Link mobile game set to launch in 2024! Yes, you heard it right, 2024! I swear, developers these days know how to keep us in suspense, don't they?

This new venture invites courageous beta testers to plunge into the heart of battle. You'll be one of the exclusive few to get a sneak peek into the game before it enchants gamers worldwide. The teaser trailer released just gave us a tiny nibble, leaving us all hungry for more. Can you feel your joysticks twitching with anticipation? I know I can!

There is an even bigger surprise in store for you. The new game will be released on iOS and Android platforms, adding a dash of magic to your smartphones. As if Candy Crush wasn't reason enough for your phone's battery to die within hours, the new Kingdom Hearts game will add to your screen time! Who cares about battery life when you're saving virtual kingdoms, right?

The game's creators, Square, have whipped up multiplayer raid battles for up to six players. You and your band of knights can join forces in a virtual clash against enemies tougher than Monday mornings! So grab your friends, pets, parents, or even your Grandma who still can't figure out how to make a video call but can somehow play 'Words with Friends' like a pro, and dive into the new adventure!

The GPS global feature is designed to turn your boring home-ridden weekdays into thrilling challenges. But don’t worry, it's not like you'll have to physically run around the streets like a madcap chasing mystical creatures. You can play from the comfort of your couch, as you munch on cheesy crisps, away from the merciless potholes and annoying drivers. Now, that's what I call high-tech gaming!

As you are preparing your battle cries, warming up your thumb-joints, and freeing up space on your device, Square is on a lookout for you. Yes, the gaming titan is recruiting beta testers from UK and Australia with the bravery and wit to confront the unknown. Can you take on the mantle? If "YES", then you've got a beta key with your name on it waiting at Square's door!

What are you waiting for, fellow adventurers? This is your chance to be part of something truly magical before anyone else. Go ahead, slay those dragons, unlock those chests, uncover the missing link, and bag glory before the rest of the world even gets a whiff of it. Remember, in the Kingdom Hearts universe, nothing is as it seems, and everyone has a role to play, including you.

Hey, don't blame me when you get hooked! After all, who wouldn’t when you’ve got a combination of a thrilling storyline, stunning graphics, and amazing multiplayer battles? Kingdom Hearts Missing Link is here to bewitch your mobile screens, and you have the first shot at it!

So, dear comrades from the UK and Australia, arm yourselves with courage, enthusiasm, and a bunch of cookies, because it's time for the mesmerizing saga of Kingdom Hearts Missing Link to unfold, right in your eager hands!

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