Raw Fury's strategic city-builder game, Kingdom Eighties, promises to transport players back to the 80s and this time, it's on your phone!

Kingdom Eighties: Retro Gaming Meets Mobile Mania

Well, heal me with a synth-pop track and call me a neon rainbow! Raw Fury has just nano-blasted us to the 80s with their new game Kingdom Eighties and this time, it's arriving on mobile devices! This isn't your regular time warp, folks. This new iteration of the popular Kingdom series is dressed in leg warmers, sprinkled with pixie dust and promises four-four time beats that keep you anxious whether you're camping, biking to the mall or spending your Saturday mornings in front of the television with a bowl of sugary cereal!

Now, let's jam to the modus operandi of the game. Our antagonist, we’ll call him 'Greed' (because you know, he literally embodies the sin), needs to get a life and stop planning attacks on our beloved camp. But the thing about attacks is, they create heroes! Enter, ‘the Leader’, a young camp counselor with his 80s gang - the Champ, the Tinkerer, and the Wiz. A group that wouldn't feel out of place in a John Hughes movie!

These rebellious defenders are charged with keeping the vibes chill and the town of Monarch safe from Greed's malevolent plots. But staying true to 80s solidarity, it's not just the main gang who get all the action! Players can recruit whippersnappers from the neighbourhood, transforming them into Jaguar-jawed soldiers and busy-bee builders. Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to help create a powerhouse stronghold that will make Greed turn tail and run!

And you know, what's a battle without glittering spoils? Players can hoard coins, channel their inner Scrooge McDuck, expanding and fortifying their kingdom with all the trimmings: higher walls, Star Wars-esque defensive turrets, you name it! No stronghold is complete without some solid fortification. And as you wander around town, strumming your air guitar, you’ll unlock bonus mounts, quirky weapons, and a veritable Duran Duran album’s worth of tech upgrades!

Brace yourself! Kingdom Eighties is heading to all major platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and most importantly, your phone! This beast of a game is set to hit the app stores on the 16th of October. The future (or should I say the past) is waiting for you, but if patience is not your jam, Android and iOS aficionados can pre-register for a bit of that feel-good Fast Times at Ridgemont High vibe. What are you waiting for? The 80s ain't gonna relive themselves! Get ready to fall in love with pixelated landscapes, mullets and questionable fashion choices all over again with Kingdom Eighties!

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