Matthew Vaughn announces a reboot of superhero flick Kick-Ass with a fresh cast, leaving fans curious and excited.

Kick-Ass Returns Sans Original Cast in Reboot

Fans of the unconventional superhero franchise Kick-Ass have every reason to celebrate as Matthew Vaughn, who directed the previous Kick-Ass films, recently shared that a reboot is underway. However, audiences should not expect the return of any familiar faces from the originals, as none of the initial cast will participate in the relaunch.

During a panel at the New York Comic Con, Vaughn articulated his excitement about the project. "Kick-Ass changed people’s perception of what a superhero film is. We’re doing it again," Vaughn expressed. The director intriguingly hinted that while none of the original cast will feature in the reboot, they might have a chance to come back once the reboot occurs.

The Kick-Ass franchise, which launched in 2010, sprung from the comic created by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. Its captivating narrative centers around an ordinary teenager, Dave Lizewski, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who aspires to transform himself into a real-life superhero. However, he soon finds himself sinking deep into the treacherous underworld of crime as he aligns with Big Daddy, played by Nicolas Cage, and his eleven-year-old daughter, brought to life by Chloë Grace Moretz, to take down a crime lord. The sequel, released in 2013, introduced Jim Carrey to the cast, portraying Colonel Stars and Stripes.

Although it's still unclear precisely what shape the reboot will take, speculation suggests that it may introduce a new character from the Kick-Ass universe. This supposition is backed by the 2018 release of a new Kick-Ass comic by Millar and Romita Jr., focusing on a different character. The comic followed Patience Lee, a Black military veteran and a mother who assumes the superhero persona. It's conceivable that the reboot might borrow from this new storyline.

For now, Vaughn is engrossed in his upcoming project, Argylle, a promising spy caper with a stellar cast including Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Sam Rockwell. The movie is due to hit screens in February 2024.

Meanwhile, the Kick-Ass reboot announcement has not only ignited considerable excitement among fans but also sparked debate over potential new faces that may join the franchise. Chronologically, if the reboot follows the narrative arc of the recently released comic, the titular role will witness a distinctive shift, crossing both gender and race lines, breaching new territories for the franchise.

Whether or not this teasing hint turns out to be true, the news has already set fan theories and social media conversations abuzz. Both fans and skeptics wait in eager anticipation for more revelations about the upcoming reboot, which promises to bring a fresh and potentially groundbreaking perspective to the Kick-Ass universe.

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