Season 5 of KartRider: Drift is here with an exciting collaboration with K-pop icons Blackpink, featuring new skins, tracks, and more!

KartRider: Drift Welcomes Blackpink in Season 5 Update

KartRider: Drift, the engaging multiplayer kart racing game by Nexon, has just geared up for an exciting new chapter. With the release of Season 5, fans of high-speed action are in for a treat as the game announces a major collaboration with none other than the pop music sensation, Blackpink. Players will have the chance to race alongside digital versions of Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa, bringing an unprecedented star power to the virtual tracks.

The new season isn't just about adding glitz and glam; it's also packed with content to enrich the racing experience. Players can expect to personalize their gameplay with fresh additions like two new skins for each Blackpink member, perfectly capturing their unique styles and personalities. Each skin set is accompanied by corresponding emotes and decals, allowing fans to express their love for the music icons in vibrant ways. The collaboration is epitomized by the Pink Venom Supercar, a sleek kart that screams speed and flair.

But it's not just about the aesthetics; there's a practical side for fans to indulge in. By simply logging into the game, players can obtain a Blackpink Balloon Pack filled with four decorative items to spruce up their in-game avatars. This simple login bonus underscores the game's efforts to make the collaboration accessible and rewarding for all fans, whether they're here for the racing or the star-studded excitement.

However, the Blackpink collaboration is only part of the story in Season 5. The update sees a plethora of new tracks added for players to conquer. As the game prides itself on its diverse environments and challenging circuits, eight new tracks have been introduced for racers to master. Continuing the tradition of thematically engaging arenas, two additional tracks each are set in the returning Graveyard and Factory themes, conjuring up imagery of spooky, winding paths and industrial chaos.

The standout addition this season is undoubtedly the Moonhill area. This new environment is not just a mere backdrop; it is a character in its own right. It's a stunning marvel of virtual architecture, boasting skylines that stretch into the horizon, expansive tunnels, and streets filled with the promise of high-octane drama. Divided into four distinct tracks, Moonhill is bound to become a racer's favorite for its aesthetic beauty and the challenges it presents.

Engagement is also a key component of Season 5 with the introduction of the racing pass. Resembling a seasonal battle pass system, this feature sets out a clear path for progression, offering players a variety of freebies as they complete quests and earn trophies. Touching on the ever-present aspect of microtransactions, the Premium Pass option teases with even more exclusive content. Prized items such as the Wolf Mask Raptor R, and the Polar Bear Uni and Monster rewards stand behind this paywall, tempting the most devoted players.

The season also brings a plethora of events promising abundant rewards. The Super Moonhill event is an example where participants can dive into various game modes for a chance at unique prizes like the Golden Moon Kart and exclusive Moonhill decals. For daily players, the rewards section is treasure trove, giving away special items like the Younger Twin Raptor L, Older Twin Raptor R, and Shovel Balloons.

Accessibility remains a cornerstone of the game's ethos. Nexon ensures that anyone interested in joining the fun can do so with ease. KartRider: Drift is available to download freely, inviting both new and returning players to explore the fresh content of Season 5. With the excitement of Blackpink's presence, new maps to test your mettle, and a robust system of rewards and events, there's never been a better time to jump into the driver's seat and drift your way to victory.

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