Discussing the issues with Nintendo's current Switch and potential improvements to be incorporated in the rumored 'Switch 2'.

Highlighting Essential Enhancements for the Prospective Nintendo 'Switch 2'

Nintendo Switch continues to captivate gaming enthusiasts with its extensive game library, the most recent addition being the highly praised Super Mario Wonder. But as we approach the end of 2023, audiences can't help but ponder about the forthcoming 'Switch 2' and the changes it needs to incorporate.

Our six and half years of Switch experience have prepped us well to pinpoint certain grievances we hope the future iteration will address. Assuming Nintendo will carry forward the hybrid handheld element of Switch that docks to a television with removable controllers, here are some recommendations and a wishlist.

Topping the essential fixes, first and foremost, is the Joy-Con drift. This issue has disappointed and inconvenienced Switch owners globally since 2017. While generous warranties and replacements have been offered, it will be far better to rectify this flaw entirely in the next iteration.

The second non-negotiable fix is improving the eShop's discoverability. Rapid success led to an overwhelming number of quality games on the platform, hence making it challenging for users to locate specific games. Various ways to improve navigation include enhancing filters, integrating user reviews, and refining the user interface.

Another critical aspect to look into would be the multitude of 'scam' games available on the eShop. This has become a distressing pattern, with the low-quality scam games making it hard for gamers to locate genuine titles. Hopefully, Nintendo will address this issue in its next eShop.

The last fix on our essential list includes improving the hardware durability and quality. Switch is known for certain structural issues like scratched screens and warping cases, some even leading to cracks. This can be avoided with more refined production techniques in the next iteration.

Moving on to the wishlist, an OLED screen from the start is something we would love to see. The vibrant colors and enhanced contrast offered by OLED screens bring a superior viewing experience that is hard to forget.

Built-in voice chat would be another valuable addition, adding a level of ease when playing online. As it stands now, players must utilize separate apps for such features. Addressing the small storage issue with at least 1TB internal storage in 'Switch 2' is another point fans would appreciate.

Additional improvements could include introducing analogue triggers for enhancing control in racing games, customizable menu themes, and reintroducing StreetPass, a feature that added a fun, social element to the previously launched 3DS. We would also welcome a more seamless system for adding friends and more reliable online connectivity.

Another customer-oriented change could be not resetting existing UI and feature improvements with the launch of the new console. The current iteration of Switch is the baseline, and we hope to see forward advancements and better accessibility.

These changes reflect our hopes for the next Nintendo console. Let us know your thoughts about the changes you would like to see with the 'Switch 2'. We are confident the new version of this famed console will build upon the legacy of its predecessor, and we can't wait to see what Nintendo has in store.

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