The physics-based platformer JellyCar Worlds announces an entertaining addition of past JellyCar 2 levels to this popular game's newest version.

New Levels Revealed in 'JellyCar Worlds' from Former WiiWare Game

It's squishy, it's wobbly, it's undeniably fun - we're referring to the celebrated physics platformer series, JellyCar. Last year, fans of the platformer genre saw this favorite bounce onto the Switch with the release of JellyCar Worlds. Now, Walaber, the game's creative brains, is stirring memories by merging past with present. The developer is enriching the current game by integrating levels from JellyCar's WiiWare and DSiWare successor, JellyCar 2.

If you're new to the uniquely bizarre universe of JellyCar, take a moment to familiarize yourself. In essence, JellyCar is a traditional car platformer game with an incredibly fun twist. Here, both your vehicle and the world around it are composed entirely of elastic jelly-like substance. The challenge is to guide your malleable vehicle around each level, relying entirely on physical principles to keep your shape-shifting wagon firmly on the path. The whimsical concept surely must have tickled your curiosity at some point, and now, it's a reality.

This current update introduces remastered forms of all JellyCar 2 levels into JellyCar Worlds, promising even more fun-filled journeys for both newbies and seasoned players. These enhancements means that success in the game now comes with a delightful new facet - players can now crush and stretch their way through revamped landscapes. Back in 2011, both the Wii and DSi versions of JellyCar 2 earned a respectable 7/10, testament to its popularity among gamers.

Curious to know more about this jiggly car adventure? JellyCar is proudly the jelly-est car in the universe of gaming, revitalized after a decade-long hiatus. Take any wheel in the world, and it won't compete with the tactility of your JellyCar. Navigate through multitudes of levels, using your car’s abilities such as growth, ballooning, sticky tires, and rockets, to search for the exit. The game's design craftily incorporates themes and unique gameplay mechanics in each level, giving every journey its distinct flavor.

The beauty of this game is a multi-layered experience, blending visual and auditory elements so fluidly that it imitates a living flipbook animation. But the fun doesn't stop at squishy car tricks. Players can also personalize their vehicles with their own designs and sound effects, offering another degree of interaction within the game environment. Players can unlock more designs, brushes, and stencils as they progress through the game.

Nostalgia being a significant aspect of this game, gamers familiar with the original JellyCar will be ecstatic to hear of its comeback. The original creator, Walaber, is behind the development of this modern interpretation of JellyCar's classic gameplay, adding to the anticipation.

With JellyCar 2 becoming progressively harder to play over time, the recent addition and revamp of its levels have been highly anticipated. The opportunity to experience JellyCar 2 once more is exciting, both for a fresh audience discovering JellyCar's quirky allure and fans who've always held a soft spot for the original. Do the fond memories of jelly-like racing adventures make you excited to see JellyCar 2 on our screens again? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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