Los Angeles-based game studio, Jadu, releases an advanced multiplayer Augmented Reality (AR) fighting game, designed for Android and iOS.

Jadu Revolutionizes AR Gameplay with Multiplayer Battles

As technology advances at breakneck speeds, our smartphones are fast becoming more sophisticated, with powerful chips that open up a world of unprecedented opportunities. One such prospect is the transformation of mobile gaming, levelling up to the world of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). A spotlight is now on Jadu, the Los Angeles-based game studio, which seeks to redefine the boundaries of AR gaming with their latest offering.

Jadu takes mobile gaming into the future with an out-of-the-box breakthrough: a multiplayer AR fighting game. This cutting-edge game title, also named Jadu, is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, marking an exciting frontier in the realm of mobile gaming.

The beauty of the game lies in its immersive nature, as Jadu redefines the gaming space, blurring the lines between the virtual and physical worlds. The traditional boundaries that define the gaming arena are stretched to the extreme, turning the entire world into a gaming battlefield.

Jadu lets you morph your surroundings into a dynamic arena where you can compete with players from across the globe. In this thrilling setup, it's akin to a lively Street Fighter game, happening in real time, right against the backdrop of your living room or local park.

Creation is a big part of the game, with players encouraged to design their own avatars that come alive in exciting duels with other players. The matches are live and provide an avenue for friendship, competition and connections with random players from all around the world.

Not to forget the solitaire gamers, Jadu also offers an enticing single-player campaign which pits players against alien robots. This campaign was imaginatively created in partnership with Michael Bay, the creative brain behind the Transformers franchise. Moreover, players can expect to come across Hoverboards, brilliantly conceived in conjunction with personalities such as Lewis Hamilton, Grimes, and Snoop Dogg.

The success of Jadu is the culmination of seven years of meticulous efforts to perfect AR projects. Asad J. Malik, Jadu's CEO and Founder, shared his enthusiasm about this groundbreaking creation. He highlighted the unique spatial experience of the game, which has been a strong draw for the new generation of gamers "fighting the ghostly presence of a remote player in your physical space."

If this exhilarating new frontier of gaming appeals to your adventurous streak, Jadu is readily available for free download. Experience the thrill of AR fighting in your own space and redefine the way you game. The world is your battlefield now, with Jadu bringing the fight right to your doorstep.

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