David Robert Mitchell, the original director of the acclaimed 2014 horror movie It Follows, is set to helm the eagerly anticipated sequel, They Follow.

Sequel to It Follows Coming Soon, Original Director Returns

The innovative 2014 horror movie, It Follows, collected rave reviews and has stuck in the minds of horror fans worldwide. Now, spreading excitement like wildfire in the horror film community, it has been announced that a much anticipated sequel is in the pipeline. The independent film company, Neon, which has distributed a host of other well-known horror films such as Parasite, Bad Hair, and Palm Springs, made the reveal. The chilling sequel, promising to make viewers' hearts race, is ominously titled, They Follow.

It's a significant fact that original It Follows director, David Robert Mitchell, who also directed the 2018 black comedy film Under the Silver Lake, is resuming his directorial responsibilities for the sequel. News of his return should be a source of relief and excitement for fans worried about the sequel's potential quality and those eager for another bite of the terrifying cherry.

The first installment, It Follows, told the spine-chilling story of a young woman known as Annie Marshall who, after a sexual encounter, found herself being mercilessly hunted by a malevolent entity capable of taking human form. This horror was commended for its SOM-dropping introductory scene, its consistent and relentless pace, its daring approach towards exploring sexuality, and for being spectacularly terrifying.

With such high praise for the original, the sequel is under pressure to live up to and ideally surpass the high standard set. Yet, with Mitchell back in the director's chair and assuming control of the project, there's every reason to anticipate a sequel that's even more harrowing.

Despite the waves of excitement building, no trailer or detailed synopsis has yet been shared about the upcoming sequel. Also, casting details remain a well-guarded secret. However, the title itself, They Follow, strongly suggests that in this sequel, more than one entity is looking to inflict terror and fear, presenting a more horrifying prospect.

As for when the sequel will release, the wait won't be too long. The cryptic 'coming soon' used in the announcement suggests fans of the terrifying film won't have to wait too long to be scared senseless once again.

In the meantime, for those brave moviegoers looking to keep up to date and excited about the upcoming sequel, there are many resources available online. Many have listed the most exciting upcoming horror movies, and there is also a compilation of the best horror movies currently available on Netflix for streaming. Such rich sources should assist nerve-wracking anticipation and whet viewers' appetites for the anxiety-inducing sequel soon to be unveiled.

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