This upcoming RPG brings a unique spin to its plot, blending elements of time-loop, classic RPGs and social sims. Ensuing failure serves as a springboard to ensuing victory in this mesmerizing game.

In Stars and Time: An RPG Game With a Twist

The upcoming role-playing game (RPG), "In Stars and Time," breaks the mold of traditional RPGs by offering an intriguing spin on familiar themes. The game revolves around a motley group's journey to conquer a formidable evil force. Yet, as they march to battle this terror, our protagonists suffer a humiliating defeat. Not all hope is lost, though; the game's primary character, Siffrin, wakes up and finds himself back at the starting point of this epic adventure, holding memories of the past defeat and a vague sense of how to succeed in the next attempt.

"In Stars and Time" is a brainchild of developer Adrienne Bazir and it presents a unique perspective on the time-loop RPG concept. The game draws influence from classic RPGs such as Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, and the more recent yet wildly popular and meta RPG, Undertale. The protagonist, Siffrin, is stuck in a time loop and relies on the memories of his past failures to plan a successful future undertaking. Therefore, his earlier gallant optimism gradually wanes, shaping him into a more hardened hero.

The gameplay follows a traditional turn-based scenario. Each party member brings their distinctive strengths and weaknesses to the fight, thus shaping the course of the battle. Any defeat, whether in combat or during exploration (like slipping on a banana peel and dying), resets the whole timeline. On the brighter side, core memories and essential information derived from interactions with party members and other characters are retained. These memories become invaluable as they help the player to buff up the party, preparing them adequately for any upcoming challenges.

"In Stars and Time" cheats the otherwise cheerful demeanor of classic RPGs, subtly infusing elements of tragedy and heartbreak, but also holds on to an optimism reminiscent of the older games. The game intricately weaves elements of a classic SNES-style RPG with social simulation features, delivering a unique gaming experience.

The game will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch from November 20. A free demo of the game can be experienced on Steam right now. Those familiar with games like Undertale will find "In Stars and Time" a delightful surprise with its unique plot twist and rich gameplay.

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