Starbound Painter, the latest version of Honkai Impact 3rd, adds a new character Griseo, a story chapter, and exciting gameplay mechanics.

Honkai Impact 3rd Introduces Version 7.1 Update

HoYoverse, a company known for developing engrossing mobile games, has unveiled their latest update for the widely popular action title, Honkai Impact 3rd. The new version 7.1, charmingly dubbed Starbound Painter, rolls out an engaging blend of new content that promises to enrich the gaming experience for its players.

Central to this update is the introduction of a novel character, Griseo. This character has a background as a budding artist who then embarks on a journey across the cosmos. Players will follow Griseo's narrative, which ties together her innocent childhood endeavors with her grown-up quests amongst the stars. As a fighter, she brandishes a laser sabre that is as elegant as it is deadly, capable of inflicting considerable Bleed Damage on her adversaries.

Griseo's specialization lies in the Cosmic Expression battlesuit, which positions her as an SD-type support character. Her fighting style is distinguished by the Beacon she drops, marking her enemies on the battlefield. The usual kinetic energy system that players are accustomed to has been reimagined here; Griseo's suit harnesses internal energy instead, which replenishes during combat through various attacks.

The battlesuit's specialties further extend to its spectacular skill set. Both the Special Weapon Skill and the Ultimate ability draw upon the Internal Energy reserve to execute high-damage assaults. Griseo's Beacon proves strategically useful, as when activated, players can witness a devastating meteor strike called down upon the marked area.

This new character doubles as a potent supporter. Griseo can enhance the damage output of allies, making her an invaluable asset in any team’s roster. The dynamics of her support capabilities and her combat prowess mean that players will have new strategic angles to explore in battle.

Version 7.1 of Honkai Impact 3rd also includes a fresh story chapter, Chapter XLII. This new narrative thrusts the players into a challenging confrontation with a formidable enemy named Sa. The boss resides at the heart of a raging storm, a setting that players reach with assistance from Griseo's magical paintbrush. The storyline demands players to adapt to varying forms of the character Fu Hua in order to successfully fend off Sa, with Griseo providing important support from the sidelines.

To celebrate the launch of this update, the game will feature several missions that run parallel to the event. Out of these missions, four are event-specific, whereas one is a reward for players who regularly log into the game. Completion of any four missions will grant players an exclusive reward: the Herrscher of Sentience Character Card.

Such events and rewards present an opportune moment for both returning players and newcomers to dive into the game and capitalize on the fresh content. Honkai Impact 3rd also encourages players to use in-game redeem codes, which provide additional perks and freebies.

Slated for release on December 7th, the version 7.1 update titled Starbound Painter, is set to be a substantial addition to Honkai Impact 3rd. This comes as a thrilling announcement for the game's community and serves as an invitation for interested players to explore the vivid world of Honkai Impact. The game is available for free download, offering an easy avenue for gamers to experience the fresh content and join the ever-expanding player base. With Griseo’s entry into the fray and the unfolding of new story elements, players have much to look forward to as they gear up to confront the eye of the storm in Honkai Impact 3rd’s latest saga.

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