Sheffield-based game development team, including past Gremlin Interactive CEO Ian Stewart, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring back the popular war-themed game, Hogs of War in a new avatar.

Iconic PS1 Game, Hogs of War, Soon to Get a Remaster

Gamers who have enjoyed growing up on a diet of PlayStation 1 games are probably familiar with the name 'Hogs of War'. This wacky turn-based 3D military strategy game, developed by Infogrames Sheffield House (known earlier as Gremlin Interactive), grabbed attention and garnered a cult following. The reason - a mix of its peculiar British sense of humour and a fun-filled gaming environment. A team of rolypoly anthropomorphic pigs battling it out on the field and the prolific voiceover by the iconic Rik Mayall were additional attractions.

Given its popularity, there have been repeated demands from the Hogs of War community for a remastered version of the original game. That wish seems to be inching closer to reality, thanks to the commendable efforts of a small Sheffield-based team. A company ironically named Urban Limited, headed by former Gremlin Interactive CEO, Ian Stewart, launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new remaster dubbed Hogs of War Lardcore.

This new remaster is being planned for PS4 and PS5. Wildcats might be interested in knowing that the project began as a thesis project. One of the programmers for the remaster, Luke Melville, embarked on a journey to get the original source code running on PS4. Not only was his attempt successful, but it led to the decision of approaching Stewart, the current rights owner, to turn it into an official project.

The Kickstarter page for the Hogs of War Lardcore project is buzzing with activity already. Here's a snippet from the page - "23 years after its original release, our dedicated team at Urbanscan is ready to bring back Hogs of War to the larger screen... It's time to get knee-deep in the trenches again. We've got bacon to fry!"

The game currently has managed to raise £18,671 of its £150,000 target. To back and support this project, you can visit Kickstarter directly. The minimum contribution to get a digital copy of the game is £40. It also includes digital rewards like a comic book, an art book, and stream emotes.

This campaign holds immense promise and is led by industry veteran Ian Stewart. The project is being driven in close collaboration with Steel Minions Studio and the Hogs of War community. The Kickstarter campaign for Hogs of War Lardcore is already making waves and could signal a delightful return for anthropomorphic pigs in military gear. With a swine-filled campaign like this, the expectations are high and it seems like it’s time again for a hog-wild gaming adventure.

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