Studio Folly's new word game Gubbins, supported by Witch Beam and endorsed by Hank Green, is now playable on iOS and Android. The game combines elements of Scrabble with a touch of rogue-like mechanics. Furthermore, 10% of the game's proceeds go to a non-profit charity to reduce maternal and child mortality rates in Sierra Leone.

Gubbins, Word-Based Roguelike Game, Now on iOS and Android

The latest from Studio Folly, Gubbins, a novelty word game, has arrived on iOS and Android. With the backing of Witch Beam, known for the successful game Unpacking, and the endorsement of well-known author and YouTuber Hank Green, the game poses an intriguing combination of Scrabble and roguelike elements. The gameplay is enriched with the aim of supporting a noble cause. A tenth of the proceeds from the game will be donated to a non-profit charity dedicated to reducing the high rates of maternal and child mortality in Sierra Leone.

Gubbins tests the players' vocabulary and challenges them to stretch their creative boundaries in the construction of words. The game arms players with a set of quirky tiles that can either support the construction of words or throw unexpected elements into the merry mix. What sets Gubbins apart is the presence of its peculiar little mascots, the Gubbins, who can add to the charm of the gameplay or twist it with some chaos. The minimalist and funky visuals accompanying the game, along with the roguelike component, make it an engaging pastime that successfully departs from standard, monotonous word games.

As part of the journey through Gubbins, players can aspire to collect 25 different Gubbins as they craft their words and aim for the highest scores. The game also offers a unique feature of sharing your word architectures with friends using postcards. To keep up the novelty factor, the game brings in daily changes in the levels, promising players a fresh bout of fun every day.

For those keen to try out this distinctive game, Gubbins is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the iOS App Store for iPhones. Although free to download and play, the game does come with optional in-app purchases. Those interested in keeping updated on the game's latest developments can visit the official Gubbins website or follow the game's community on Twitter for additional information and updates.

Should you be looking for a sneak peek of the game's vibe before diving in, an embedded clip is available on the game's official page for a quick glance at the gameplay and visuals. This new word game not only enhances one's vocabulary but also provides an avenue for giving back to society by contributing to a worthy cause indirectly. Whether you are a word game enthusiast or a casual player, Gubbins offers a new spin on the genre while supporting a significant cause.

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