Conspiracy theories abound as desperate GTA 6 fans look to the skies for clues about the highly anticipated video game's release date. Some moon worship may also be involved.

Lunar Lunacy: GTA 6 Fans Moon Over Mythical Release Date

In a plot twist more confusing than any Grand Theft Auto mission, ever-hopeful GTA 6 fans have turned to the stars for a sign - or more accurately, the moon. Is it the manifestation of years of anticipation-driven madness, or, have gaming's most diligent detectives found the cryptic roadmap to GTA 6's big reveal?

It all spiraled from a lowly promo pic from Rockstar, GTA’s legendary parent company. With GTA 5 now ripe-and-wrinkled at over a decade old, the gaming community’s thirst for the next installation is reaching "pruned-grandpa-in-a-hot-tub" levels. So, when Rockstar shared an image of two characters sporting red ‘Happy Moon Tees’ to celebrate the Moon Festival on GTA Online, the fan base witnessed not just a popular event but the opening of Pandora’s GTA 6 reveal box.

Leave it to a Reddit user with serious detective chops - ApprehensiveTop8927 - to notice that the iconic 'Vinewood' sign in the background was cleverly hidden, revealing only a V and I. Spoiler - that’s VI or 6 in Roman numerals. Coincidence or a wink-nudge to the always prowling pack of GTA truthers?

But the best was yet to come. According to our Reddit Poirot, GTA and its stablemate, Red Dead Redemption, tend to moo in unveilings and releases on the sleepy weekday of Tuesdays. Not just any Tuesdays, but the ever-haunting October Tuesdays. Might the October 18th Red Dead Redemption 2 announce or the October 25th GTA 5 preview jog your memory? Still skeptical? Then you're not ready for the lunar bonanza that came next!

Enter, stage right, another moonstruck fan @Dirty_Worka, who pointed out that the moon phase in the backdrop of the tweeted image wasn't just aesthetic. It was a classic Waning Gibbous, folks! And, behold, the skies show the same phase coming up on October 2nd, 2023. Could Rockstar be letting Mother Nature herself hint at the next big announcement?

Before your heartbeat matches the beats per minute of Sandstorm by Darude, a word of caution. The moon, while an eyeful, is notorious for her unreliable gossip, especially about nascent video games. While the fan theories are as riveting as they are insane, it's wise to take them with a mouthful of salt until Rockstar blesses us with its divine press release.

Don't burn your copy of GTA 5 in the nearest fire pit just yet. To stave off the madness while you stake out on GTA 6, here's a medley of GTA-esque games you can immerse yourself in. After all, moon-watching shouldn't be your only pastime. Well, at least till Rockstar decides to put an end to this beautiful, moonlit madness.

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