Coffee Stain Publishing announces the release of the popular PC and console game, Goat Simulator 3 on mobile platforms, expanding the adventure with new features and multiplayer capabilities.

Goat Simulator 3 Brings Chaos to Android and iOS Soon

Good news for Android and iOS users, as Coffee Stain Publishing recently confirmed the launch of the much-anticipated sandbox adventure, Goat Simulator 3 on mobile platforms. Famed for its amusing and chaotic gameplay, the game has a massive following on PC and console platforms, and its arrival on mobile promises to translate all the original excitement onto portable devices.

Originally developed by Coffee Stain Malmo, Goat Simulator 3 will bring the much-loved mayhem of its predecessors to mobile. The intriguing part is that it isn't just a simple recreation of the original game. Instead, it's a whole new adventure loaded with additional areas to explore, challenges to conquer, and events to discover.

At the heart of this game, players find themselves in the role of a mischievous goat roaming around the city of San Angora, tasked with one straightforward objective: to cause chaos. The mechanics remain simple but engaging - headbutt, lick and triple jump your way through the city, causing havoc at every turn, all in the name of good clean fun.

One of the major features being introduced with this installment is local co-op gameplay. This compelling addition enables two-player gameplay, doubling the fun as now you and a friend can pair up, headbutt bystanders, and cause substantial trouble in the city, together. It’s all about chaotic fun, and with the multiplayer mini games, there is even more excitement waiting.

Concerns about the variety of goats available for players have been addressed with a wealth of options. Tall goats, stripy goats, angry goats, and all sorts of whacky variants are present, bringing a new dynamic to gameplay. Furthermore, the goats can be customized with a plethora of eccentric items like toilet rolls, tea trays, and jetpacks. These enhancements bestow unique abilities on your goat, adding a hilarious yet strategic edge to the game.

While Coffee Stain Publishing hasn’t unveiled a fixed release date yet, fans can already pre-register for Goat Simulator 3 on both the App Store and Google Play. By doing this, fans have the opportunity to be among the first to know when the game becomes available.

For those looking for more information about the game, they can visit the official game’s website. Stay tuned and follow the official page on X to receive latest updates about the game.

Get ready to cause mayhem with your friends in this flamboyantly humorous, sandbox adventure. With new features, more goats, and the introduction of multiplayer gameplay, Goat Simulator 3 promises heaps of fresh fun on iOS and Android. Call your buddy, choose your favourite goat and prepare to leave your unique trail of chaos in San Angora, in the cheekiest way possible. Let the headbutting begin!

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