Ghostrunner 2 emerges as the lead at Steam Next Fest with its captivating action puzzles and breathtaking cyberpunk setting. Deemed as the most replayable, it reignites the Ghostrunner spectacle.

Ghostrunner 2; A Showstopper at Steam Next Fest

Just when we thought the brilliance of Ghostrunner had faded from our memory, as it often happens with computer games, the Steam Next Fest demo of Ghostrunner 2, an exciting sequel to the original, brings it all back. Serving the same electrifying first-person action with added features, it proves to be a great success.

Ghostrunner 2 shows its dominance within its class right from the start at Steam Next Fest. Not only did the incredibly energetic game get high praise, but it was also declared as having the most replayability amongst all the demos present. It was the kind of fun-filled, adrenaline-pumped demo that gamers could happily revisit over and over, each gameplay reinstating its impact.

Ghostrunner 2 takes the player on a wild adventure within an immersive cyberpunk environment, providing the perfect backdrop for the game's breakneck speed. It is a stirring game that undoubtedly sparks intense emotions, almost posing as a stress-buster, constantly keeping you on your toes.

One More Level, the creator, has managed to sustain its magic touch throughout Ghostrunner 2. The imaginative game presents puzzle-based encounters at a staggering pace, inviting players to pull off the wildest stunts. The gameplay incorporates a variety of action moves from dodging mid-air and parrying incoming attacks, to slowing time and flinging shurikens at will. It feels as though getting sucked into a vortex of high-octane action, a perfect mix of Doom Eternal and Katana Zero all wrapped up in a cyberpunk aesthetic.

Sharper and more potent than its predecessor, Ghostrunner 2 doesn’t pull any punches. Each incorrect decision results in instant death, mirroring a mechanic similar to the Super Meat Boy game. With well-placed and swiftly reloaded checkpoints, the game doesn’t let the players ride a steady wave of frustration. Ensuring clarity on each mistake made allows for better strategizing in the future.

The intriguing aspect of this game lies with its expectation from the player to strategize and conquer. Deciding which route to pursue, which enemies to neutralize first, and how to conquer the puzzles immerses the player deeper into the game's world. Simply put, every failure and success morph into practice for achieving an impeccable run. After all, the game's motto is aptly presented in the developer’s name, One More Level.

The highly anticipated Ghostrunner 2 makes its debut on October 26, on both, PS5 and Xbox Series X. Sure enough, its gripping gameplay is expected to seamlessly capture gamers' attention once again.

Meanwhile, Steam Next Fest continues to introduce more gaming gems that are not to be overlooked. For instance, the intriguing Metroidvania game, a pixel art Hollow Knight in essence, is proving to be another crowd favorite.

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