One More Level and 505 Games announces plans for upcoming Ghostrunner 2 DLC featuring new game mode and unique cosmetic packs set to roll out well into 2024.

New Ghostrunner 2 DLC Details Unveiled by Developers

Game studio One More Level, in partnership with publisher 505 Games, has shed light on the DLC (Downloadable content) strategy for their highly anticipated title, Ghostrunner 2, which is all set to launch next week. As per the plan, they revealed that the future holds intriguing updates for all Brutal Edition owners of the game, encompassing all the DLC that they unwrapped today. The Season Pass can be moreover purchased at a pocket-friendly price of $19.99.

Thrillingly, the creators have concocted an innovative game mode called 'Endless Moto Mode,' presumably inspired by the protagonist Jack's motorbike integral to the gameplay. In addition, they announced four beautifully rendered cosmetic packs in the pipeline that would rejuvenate the in-game aesthetics. For each pack, gamers will access three sword skins, three hand skins, and a special motorcycle skin, enhancing their character’s look. The first among them, the icy charm of the 'Ice Pack,' is scheduled to enhance the gaming milieu from December 7.

If you are eager for a sneak peek into the upcoming Ghostrunner 2 DLC, you can catch the action in the recently released Season Pass trailer. The next DLC in line, 'Dragon Pack,' will go live in February, heatedly pursued by the ‘Heat Pack,’ set for June next year. The much-touted Endless Moto Mode is due to entertain gamers in September 2024, with the Anniversary Pack hot on its heels in October.

Purchase of the Brutal Edition Ghostrunner 2 is indeed a value-added proposition. It not only grants access to all such exciting DLC but also catapults gamers 48-hours ahead into the action, before the standard release on October 26, thereby letting them revel in the immersive gameplay from as early as October 24.

A creatively constructed soundtrack is invariably the soul of a game, and taking this into stride, the developers have thoughtfully curated the Ghostrunner 2 soundtrack list that you can check out and even enjoy a full song from the heart-pounding list right away. For those of you eager to gauge what the game entails, the gameplay trailer released earlier this year is worth watching.

With such a melodramatic DLC line-up, Ghostrunner 2 is all poised to enthrall gaming enthusiasts next week. So, are you ready to dive into the tumultuous world of Ghostrunner 2, and if so, what are you excited the most about the upcoming mind-blowing game?

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