Dissecting a possible timeline confusion in the college-spin-off The Boys: Gen V arising from the character Maverick's speculated age.

Is Gen V Distorting The Boys' Timeline? A Closer Look

Fans of The Boys have consistently marvelled at the intricate details and engaging storyline offered by the popular superhero television drama. However, a question raised concerning one seemingly minor character's age in the show's spin-off, Gen V, might have thrown the established timeline into uncertainty. The chatter about the apparent age discrepancy started on a well-known internet forum, Reddit, when a viewer posted about it.

Gen V, revolving around a college setting, is said to fall in sequence after the conclusion of the original show's third season but precedes the beginning of season four. This apparent college timeline, though, seems to have been put off course by a seemingly small detail revolving around Maverick (played by Nicholas Hamilton). Maverick is an invisible Resident Advisor (RA) in Gen V, a thought-to-be offspring of the Supe Translucent.

The conversation began when a Redditor recalled the early episodes of The Boys, where lead characters Hughie and Starlight are shown bowling. During their interaction, Starlight tells Hughie about Translucent and his strong bond with his 10-year-old son named Maverick. The Redditor proposed that the Maverick in Gen V may be Translucent's son because he, too, carries the same name and superpowers. However, this left fans scratching their head, as the Maverick in Gen V seems to be of college-going age, meaning Starlight's statement about Translucent's son would have occurred nearly eight years before the events portrayed in Gen V.

While multiple ways to reconcile the discrepancy were offered, some fans of the show argued that the age inconsistency can be chalked up to an oversight on the part of the writers during the production of season one. They theorized that the writers might have retconned Maverick's age as far back as season two when an actor who visually seems like a well-grown teen played the role. If Starlight's information was accurate, then Maverick could have been at most 11 in season two, considering the timeline.

In Gen V, Maverick's character is not much in the limelight, but he does share some visible screen time with his alpaca-shaped girlfriend, Sloan. Fans also expressed their desire to further understand Sloan’s character, suspecting her to be a shapeshifter. While fans discuss and dissect timelines and character backgrounds, the anticipation builds for the finale episode of Gen V scheduled to stream this week on Prime Video.

This incident has displayed how minor details can spark major speculation among engaged viewers. Yet, it remains to be seen whether correspondences and contradictions between Gen V and The Boys are intentional or simple oversights by the writers. Will Gen V provide us with clarification on these lingering queries? Only time can tell, but until then, the fans' discussions continue to add an extra layer of intrigue to this already captivating storyline.

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