The cult-favorite animated series 'Gargoyles' is making a comeback on Disney Plus, reimagined as a live-action series orchestrated by key players from the Conjuring Universe.

Revival of '90s Classic: Gargoyles Returns to Disney Plus

Fans of the 90s cult-favorite animated series, Gargoyles, are in for a treat. The beloved show is set to return, not as a cartoon, but as a live-action series on Disney Plus. The reboot is being masterminded by some of the heavyweights in the horror and suspense genre.

The principal helm of this live-action revival is being taken by Gary Dauberman, renowned for his involvement in the popular horror series, The Conjuring. Dauberman will assume the triple roles of the showrunner, writer, and executive producer of the Gargoyles reboot, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Also, sharing the executive production duty is Atomic Monster, the production company behind a majority of the Conjuring franchise films, last year's Mortal Kombat adaptation, and the science fiction horror M3GAN.

Notably, Dauberman has a deep-seated history with the Conjuring Universe and Atomic Monster. In addition to contributing as a writer to Conjuring spinoffs The Nun and Annabelle, he directed the sequel, Annabelle Comes Home. He boasts other noteworthy writing credits like the 2017 horror blockbuster, It, and functioned as the writer and executive producer of its sequel, It Chapter Two, in 2019. Dauberman's partnership with Atomic Monster goes back to their work on the 2019 DC series, Swamp Thing.

Despite the impressive line-up of respectable talents, the exact nature of the upcoming Gargoyles series remains shrouded in mystery. The original Gargoyles show, despite being a Disney cartoon, pivoted towards darker aesthetics and mature themes, much like the admired Batman animated series during the same time. This feature made the original stand out amongst its contemporaries and earned it the adoration of many.

The plot of the old series wove a fascinating tale around mythical creatures that come alive during the night after being stone statues during the daytime. These creatures soared across the New York City skyline and engaged in battles against a myriad of supernatural enemies. The original series broadcasted for three seasons from 1994 to 1997, producing a respectable 78 episodes. It even inspired a popular video game for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive platform, which is expected to receive a remastered release later this week.

As anticipation build for the impending Gargoyles reboot, fans can still indulge in other productions from the Conjuring Universe or explore the vast list of shows available on Disney Plus, suitable for audiences of all ages and predispositions, ultimately making Disney Plus a locus of entertainment across varied genres and styles. The return of Gargoyles signifies Disney's intent to capitalize on nostalgia while bringing classic content to contemporary audiences with a renewed twist. The show's rebirth under the aegis of seasoned horror makers certainly makes for an exciting prospect and promises an engaging rendition of the 90s classic.

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