The gritty co-op game inspired by the legend of Robin Hood, Gangs of Sherwood, has seen its release date pushback to late November, following feedback from its Steam Next Fest demo.

Gangs of Sherwood Game Launch Delayed to Late November

A new gaming experience, taking a grim spin on the tales of Robin Hood, has unfortunately had its launch delayed by nearly a month. Dubbed Gangs of Sherwood, this cooperative player-versus-environment (PvE) game is a unique blend. It combines the adventures of the legendary English outlaw with a new age of dark grimness, painting a picture more at home in a Warhammer-like universe than Nottingham's green woods.

Gangs of Sherwood emerged from the mist of obscurity last summer, showcasing a rather unconventional reinterpretation of the age-old fable. Typically, Robin Hood is associated with the verdant bounties of Sherwood forest, accompanied by his band of joyful comrades. However, in this version, that idyllic image is replaced by a harsh environment plagued by smoky chimneys and nightmarish, armored specters. Neon-tipped arrows and power fists glowing ominously are the norm.

This alternative take on the Sherwood saga is akin to the reinterpretation brought about by Lies of P to the story of Pinocchio. The narrative utilization of this unusual setting was given to players to experience in a demo during Steam's recent Next Fest. Here, gamers had the opportunity to dive into the game's melee combat system and multiplayer boss fights.

Players could take on the roles of any of the four iconic characters, Robin Hood, Marian, Friar Tuck, or Little John, during the game's sixth mission. They were also privy to experiencing the game's focus on combo-based combat moves and special abilities. However, shortly before the proposed release on November 2nd, an unexpected announcement from the game developers, Appeal Studios, altered the timeline.

The reason cited for the delayed launch, now moved to four weeks later, was the valuable feedback gathered from players during the demo at Next Fest. The twitter announcement explained that this feedback will be put to good use.

The developers will utilize this extra time to smoothen certain mechanics and implement some enhancements as suggested by their supportive community. This, they hope, will give the Sherwood gang more time to brace themselves for the impending confrontation with the Sheriff of Nottingham's armies.

Gangs of Sherwood, revitalizing a beloved legend with a dark, gritty twist, will now see its release on November 30th, available on PCs and consoles. The delay, though unexpected, promises to bring improvements and an elevated gaming experience to the audience; a tale of Robin Hood, his comrades, and their rebellion like never seen before.

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