Activision's ambitious gamification marathon reveals a goldmine of annual Call of Duty franchises up to 2027. Employing a massive army of 3,000 developers worldwide, the gaming giant is not saying, "game over" anytime soon.

Your Life Is Now on Call... of Duty, Until 2027!

Do you remember a time before Call of Duty? Me neither. Activision is hard-set on keeping it that way, deploying their annual franchise of trigger-happy, tactical action until at least 2027. This doesn't just sound like a game plan, but rather a virtual invasion!

Springs are for roses, summers for beach vacations, fall for pumpkin spice, and any idea what winters are for? The launch of the new annual Call of Duty game, of course! Activision president Rob Kostich was caught in conversation by our friends at VentureBeat, shedding light on a plan that makes the Infinity Stones saga seem like a short bedtime story. Kostich, probably stroking a pet cat on a swivel chair, revealed, "We are in our constant plotting- err- planning phase. We've got games schemed out till 2027."

But how do our dear game creators at Activision manage such a herculean task, you ask? Well, the answer lies in the sheer number of cavemen-like developers working on these games. VentureBeat, quite innocently, asked the magic number, supposedly being 2,000 developers from 10 different game crafting sanctums.

Kostich, probably laughing like an evil-megalomaniac, stated it was actually more than we imagined. Yes, our dear readers, there are 3,000 developers out there who don't see sunlight because they're too busy creating our virtual playgrounds. These poor souls orchestrate exquisite symphonies of gunfire, blood, and chaos, all the while under the shadow of a lead developer.

The game production procedure remains a symphony carried out under one leading studio - like Infinity Ward - with other studios harmonizing in the background, much like bassists in a rock band. Occasionally, they get a solo. Even Toys for Bob are allowed to chip in from time to time.

In this realm of trigger pulls and polygonal gore, Kostich also shared his views on the role of AI. “We're not looking to replace our Devs with Skynet yet! For now, it's all about how AI can help us produce better games. Like a virtual assistant suggesting that maybe let's not have an exploding turkey easter egg this year."

As the game of thrones in the gaming industry continues, Modern Warfare is all set to return and sit on it come November tenth. Sadly, time travel is not available yet, but pre-ordering the Vault Edition sends you a week ahead into the campaign, a compensation as sweet as Thanksgiving pie. While I go on to polish my joystick, you can check out the Modern Warfare 3 open beta guide to cope with your withdrawal symptoms. Here's to another decade of unanswered calls from duty.

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