According to data, despite having multiplayer options, most players are currently preferring the single-player mode in Forza Motorsport, the latest Xbox racer from Turn 10.

Majority of Forza Motorsport Players Stick to Single-Player

Forza Motorsport, the new Xbox racer by Turn 10, has been out in early access for several weeks. Despite the game offering a variety of single and multiplayer modes from the beginning, it seems that most players are sticking to the single-player option for now. Data gathered by TrueAchievements reveals that just 10% of Xbox players have gained the most rudimentary multiplayer achievement in Forza Motorsport – completing an introductory online race.

The figures from Steam are marginally higher, but even there, the most significant number of players seems to be ducking Forza Motorsport's multiplayer mode. It goes without saying that the majority of users would probably like to speed through the career mode before tackling anything else. Hence, these numbers could increase in the coming weeks and months.

Turn 10 has funneled lots of effort into revamping the multiplayer mode with this latest release. The team is undoubtedly eager to witness an increase in its online player count. Preferring to get a comprehensive gaming experience, most of us didn't get much of a chance to try out the multiplayer mode during our pre-release play hours. However, whatever little we did play proved to be extremely entertaining. In fact, our full written review mentioned that the multiplayer feature could evolve into something extraordinary over time if the developer and its online community embrace the mode as the game grows.

On a side note, for those of you who'd like to see our complete thoughts on Forza Motorsport, please check out the Pure Xbox review. In the meantime, given the game is now fully available on the Xbox Game Pass, we might explore Forza's multiplayer mode soon to get a sense of how the game's dynamics are currently going.

Turn 10 has been unrelenting in its aim to roll out frequent new content for Forza Motorsport. As a result, fans of the game await those updates eagerly. Are you among the 10% of players who've given the Forza Motorsport multiplayer a shot? Share your experiences so far.

As the multiplayer gears up to meet the single-player's popularity, the potential for growth and development in the game continues to rise. The early access stage has given Forza Motorsport the chance to spot any issues and adapt accordingly, improving the gaming experience for all its players, regardless of their preferred game mode. It's worth keeping an eye on Forza Motorsport's performance in the coming months as the balance between single-player and multiplayer could still shift dramatically.

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