Hutch's new mobile game, Forza Customs, offers a unique blend of automotive personalisation and match-3 puzzle solving, available now on iOS and Android platforms.

Forza Customs: Car Customisation Meets Match-3 Gaming

The mobile gaming sphere welcomes a refreshing, high-octane entry as Hutch officially unveils Forza Customs. This innovative car customisation game marries the visceral thrill of automobile personalisation with the addictive fun of match-3 puzzle gameplay. Forza Customs sets car enthusiasts' hearts racing with its perfect fusion of gaming genres, all readily available on both iOS and Android platforms.

The creation of Forza Customs results from a successful collaboration between Hutch and Turn 10. Drawing from their respective strengths within the gaming industry, the partnership culminated in a game uniquely engaging as it is authentic. Forza Customs transports players into a world of in-depth car customisation, where real-world vehicles—from esteemed manufacturers like VW, Porsche, and Ford—are awaiting their personal touch.

The game stays true to its authentic appeal, replicating real-life cars accurately within the digital showcase. The well-crafted depictions make it a delight for car aficionados to add their flair to these iconic vehicles. After fine-tuning their automotive masterpiece, players can then capture their handiwork using the game's built-in photo mode. The photos can then be shared to the game's community, allowing a platform for admiration and inspiration among fellow enthusiasts.

Shaun Rutland, CEO and Co-Founder at Hutch, summarizes it perfectly: "Forza Customs is the outcome of two studios uniting, each showcasing what they do best: Hutch's experience in developing automotive titles for mobile platforms and Turn 10's Forza legacy. The result is a game that's the ideal balance of both qualities."

What's more, Forza Customs will keep its players engaged with regular content updates on the horizon. The game is anticipated to roll out new modes, in-game goodies, higher tier rewards, and new vehicles as it grows and evolves into a live game.

Interested gamers can join in on the excitement by downloading Forza Customs today. It is available for free, with optional in-app purchases, on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the iOS App Store for Apple users. Stay ahead of the game with updates from the official website, or join the bustling community on Facebook for more detailed information.

There's also a handy peek on what to anticipate from the visuals and overall feel of the game. A video embedded on the game's webpage offers an enticing glimpse into the vibe of Forza Customs that await eager gamers.

Whether you're a car enthusiast wanting to add a personalised touch to your favourite models, an avid gamer looking for your next big match-3 challenge, or a casual player searching for an engaging way to kill time, Forza Customs has it all ready in your pocket. Download now and start your journey into the realm of automotive personalisation entwined with match-3 gaming thrill.

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