Leaks suggest iconic characters from Metal Gear Solid and Family Guy set to join Fortnite's expansive roster in the upcoming Underground season.

Fortnite Prepares to Add Solid Snake and Peter Griffin

Fortnite, the ever-popular battle royale game, is well-known for its ever-expanding universe that constantly integrates characters from various pop culture franchises. The game has become a melting pot for iconic figures, bringing together superheroes, movie characters, and personalities from other video games as playable skins. This time, rumors are swirling about the possible introduction of two very different but equally beloved characters: Solid Snake from the classic stealth-action game Metal Gear Solid, and the irreverent Peter Griffin from the animated sitcom Family Guy.

According to a leak by Fortnite news disseminator ShiinaBR, the next season of Fortnite, dubbed Chapter 5: Season 1 and titled "Underground," accidentally revealed its content lineup when its advertising appeared on the Xbox store. If these rumors hold true, Fortnite players will soon have the opportunity to run across the game's ever-changing landscapes as the master of stealth, equipped in his iconic skintight sneaking suit, and as Quahog’s most infamous family man, dressed to the nines in a tuxedo.

Solid Snake is a character well-appreciated for his contribution to the stealth genre, serving as the protagonist in a series that prizes cunning and strategy over brute force. His inclusion in Fortnite is not his first foray into the cameo realm; many fans will remember his notable appearance in the Super Smash Bros franchise, which similarly brings together a vast array of characters from different gaming universes.

On the other hand, Peter Griffin may seem like a more unconventional choice for the battle-focused arena of Fortnite, considering his origins in a comedic animated series. However, his inclusion follows the trend of Fortnite featuring an array of animated characters, such as those from Futurama, Rick and Morty, and various successful anime franchises like My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, and Attack on Titan.

This penchant for crossovers makes Fortnite a unique cultural hub where players can interact with their favorite characters in unexpected ways, whether they are fighting alongside The Mandalorian from Star Wars or web-swinging with Spider-Man from Marvel Comics. The diverse range of crossovers also encompassed global icons like Batman and Geralt from The Witcher, further illustrating the broad appeal of Fortnite's collaborative approach.

Moreover, the upcoming Fortnite season also promises a new venture alongside these pop culture additions: a partnership with the famed brick-toy company, Lego. Such collaborations are critical to keeping the game fresh and engaging for its massive player base, introducing new thematic elements and gameplay mechanics that resonate both with younger audiences and nostalgia-driven adult gamers alike.

Fortnite's current season, known as the condensed throwback Season OG, is slated to end on December 2nd, leaving fans eager for the new content that lies ahead. The season's closure is expected to be marked with a bang, featuring a headlining event with none other than Eminem, emphasizing the game’s broad reach and diverse appeal.

As Fortnite revels in record player counts and continues to dominate the gaming scene, the potential addition of characters like Peter Griffin and Solid Snake—replete with his notoriously emphasized posterior—demonstrates the game's unwaning cultural relevance. The melding of generations of pop culture solidifies Fortnite as not just a game, but a digital platform that celebrates the breadth of entertainment history.

While official confirmation from Epic Games is awaited, the community is abuzz with anticipation for the upcoming "Underground" season. Fortnite players around the world are already speculating about potential gameplay elements, new areas to explore, and the unique possibilities that come with playing as two such distinctive characters. As Fortnite evolves by blending different entertainment worlds, the excitement for what crossover will be announced next never diminishes.

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