Pre-order customers can now download and play the full Football Manager 2024 game, offering an exclusive opportunity to explore new features before its official release on November 6th.

Advanced Access to Football Manager 2024 Now Available

The much-awaited Football Manager 2024 game is scheduled to launch fully on November 6th, but it's already available for those fortunate gamers who have secured a pre-order. Dubbed the "Advanced Access", it offers a complete game experience even as it may still harbor a higher probability of bugs.

Contrary to routine procedures, this advanced access provides a unique opportunity for early players engaging in pre-orders. Gamers who have made their purchase via Steam need only to restart their client, and soon enough, they will find the eagerly awaited Football Manager 2024 ready for download. This is as per the clear instructions provided by Sports Interactive, the game's developers. The same download procedure applies even if you have routed your purchase through the Epic Games Store.

For those who have made the smart move of pre-ordering through another approved digital store, they need not worry. They should already have in their possession a Steam code delivered via email which will allow them to unlock the pre-release version.

There's a generalized school of thought that frowns upon pre-ordering games, but the release of Football Manager has consistently proven to be an exception. What sets it apart is the knowledge of what to expect each year in terms of gameplay features, a certainty that sometimes can be for better or for worse.

Sports Interactive has recently admitted to the slow rate of change between editions, promising that Football Manager 2024 will mark the end of an era. They assure players that the subsequent version, Football Manager 2025, will feature a significant upgrade, transitioning to a new engine called Unity.

Nevertheless, Football Manager 2024 does bring a host of new features to the table that has sparked interest among the online community of fans. It includes the introduction of Japanese football leagues and will allow players to continue their saved games from Football Manager 2023. This innovative feature ensures that the saved games are now portable across all future editions, ensuring continuity of gameplay for the players.

Historically, ardent fans of the Football Manager (and its predecessor, Championship Manager) have been known to preserve their saves spanning more than twenty seasons, a feat that holds challenges in the modern era with extended game time. This new feature allows for continued gameplay across multiple editions, possibly reinstating the possibility of extensive seasons.

Additionally, Football Manager 2024 boasts of other sparkling new features such as intelligence-driven transfers and team-building strategies, revamped set pieces, and several much-needed quality of life updates.

As countdown to the official November 6th launch starts, fans eagerly anticipate the game's full review, which will shed more light on whether these additions live up to the hype. One thing's for sure; for those who have advanced access, it's time for an early kick-off to the sporting frenzy.

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