Popular voice actor Matt Mercer confirmed as the voice of Vincent Valentine in the upcoming PlayStation 5 remake sequel, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, during the New York Comic Con.

Matt Mercer to Voice Vincent Valentine in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Fans of the beloved Final Fantasy series are gearing up for the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the PlayStation 5's remake sequel to the iconic video game. In an exciting announcement at the recent New York Comic Con, renowned voice actor Matt Mercer was confirmed to be playing fan-favorite character Vincent Valentine.

Final Fantasy 7, initially released in 1997, continues to be hailed as one of the most influential and successful games in the role-playing genre. With the announcement of its revamp, aptly titled Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, fans have been eagerly awaiting updates on the game's developments. In particular, anticipation has been high regarding the cast selection, especially for the beloved character Vincent Valentine.

During an electrifying moment at New York Comic Con, any speculation regarding the voice of Vincent was settled. Amidst rapturous applause from the audience, it was revealed that Matt Mercer, popular for an array of remarkable voice acting roles, would be breathing life into Vincent's character in the English version of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

While the attendees at the Comic Con had only heard a single line of Vincent Valentine's dialogue in a previously released trailer, the confirmation of Mercer's role brought immense excitement. The news of Mercer assuming the role first started as a rumor after the trailer's launch. However, with the Comic Con announcement, the conjectures were finally put to rest.

Matt Mercer is no stranger to the world of video gaming or critical appreciation. His impressive voice acting repertoire includes popular titles like 'Overwatch,' where he voiced Jesse McCree and 'Attack on Titan,' where he lent his voice to Levi Ackerman. With this impressive background, Mercer's addition to the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth cast has only heightened the expectations of fans across the globe.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is scheduled for release on 29th February. Given the proximity of the release, it is expected that more gameplay footage and promotional material will be showcased in the coming weeks. The gaming community is waiting in high anticipation to see Vincent Valentine's character come to life through Mercer's voice.

The casting decision for Vincent and every other character's rendition in this remake sequel is critical. It not only stands as a reinterpretation of iconic characters loved by many but also as a litmus test for Final Fantasy's ability to evolve while maintaining its rich legacy.

The selection of Mercer as Vincent's voice ensures that the charm and intense personality of the character will remain intact in the much-awaited sequel. Infusing the role with his talent and experience, the actor is expected to build on Vincent’s character, lending his allure to the dark and mysterious former Turk.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's release is eagerly awaited by fans worldwide. With its rich history, the revamped visuals, gameplay, and the addition of an accomplished voice actor like Matt Mercer present an exciting prospect for gamers. Hence, the countdown to February 29th continues, as the world looks forward to the re-imagination of an iconic gaming series.

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