There's a sneaky Ouija: Origin of Evil Easter egg hiding in The Fall of the House of Usher's inaugural episode. Can you spot it?

The Ouija Board Stole the Show in Usher's Debut Episode

Before there was Netflix and the 'Flanaverse Collection', there was Mike Flanagan, spinning up horror-fueled tales like Hush, Gerald's Game, and Before I Wake. One of his more memorable works was the spooky board game romp - Ouija: Origin of Evil. Well, guess what? It's back! And it's lurking in the most unlikely of places - Flanagan’s new show, The Fall of the House of Usher. Hold tight as we roll the dice on this one.

Now, don't get all jumpy - we're not referring to Lulu Wilson, who’s back teaming up with Flanagan after their spooktacular Ouija sequel. She graces Usher's storyline as young Madeline, but she's not the gem we’re spotlighting. We're talking about an obscure scene in the first episode, where we catch a fleeting glimpse of that infamous Ouija board. Brace yourselves, it's spooky!

Let's set the scene - Wilson's Madeline and her brother Roderick (played by Tommy Nelson) have had one hell of a night - Let’s just say dear old mom wasn’t feeling her best. The worn-out siblings finally settle in for some much-needed R&R. As the camera takes us on a tour through the dark, shadowy corridors of the house - voila! We spot our star cameo! Yes, the Ouija board is silently chilling, propped up against a unit beside the snoozing twins. It's not a straightforward sighting, but once you’ve seen it, it's impossible to un-see.

Mike didn’t care to keep this sly Easter egg under wraps; he even shared a selfie from the set with Wilson, who was clutching the very Ouija board from 'Ouija: Origin of Evil'. Now that's what I call a reunion!

So what’s up with The Fall of the House of Usher? It's a chilling dive into the life of crime family's patriarch Roderick and his troubled reconciliation with his sinful past after his six kids start kicking the bucket in peculiar and violent ways. Hey, not your usual family drama, huh? But then, who're we kidding? This is Mike Flanagan's realm!

A word of caution: not for the faint-hearted. If horror does not tickle your fancy, may we suggest you check out Netflix’s more comforting shows? Spoiler alert: There's no sudden re-appearances of chilling board games! But if you like the thrill, all eight episodes of The Fall of the House of Usher are ready to give you chills and thrills. Can you uncover any more Easter eggs? Grab your flashlight and let the hunt begin!

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