Eli Roth creates hilarious reboot horror based on his own fake trailer from 2007 – 'Thanksgiving'. Calls it a reincarnation of a 'banned 80s flick'.

Eli Roth's Thanksgiving: A Reboot With No Original

Reboots, remakes, and twisted sequels – the three Rs that have become ubiquitous in our current movie landscape, particularly in the horror genre. If you thought you saw the last of these, then brace yourself as we introduce Eli Roth's brand spanking new slash-fest, ‘Thanksgiving’, paradoxically, a reboot without a predecessor.

You remember Eli Roth’s infamous fake trailer for a non-existent slasher flick called 'Thanksgiving', don’t you? It played before the heavy-hitting Tarantino's 'Planet Terror-Death Proof'. This bloody-thirsty, yet non-existent movie was so gruesomely delightful we couldn't help but wonder, 'What would a full-length feast of horror look like?'

Fast forward to today, and Roth has accepted the challenge saying, "What if we imagine 'Thanksgiving' as that 1980's movie that was so horrifying it was banned, it’s scripts burnt, the director went AWOL, crew changed names, and only a single soul saved the trailer uploading it on 4chan, surfacing into 2023 as a reboot. And thus, we were free." Within this freedom, we are gifted a ride so wild and audacious you won't know whether to laugh or scream.

Featuring an ensemble cast: 'Thelma & Louise' veteran Gina Gershon, TikTok sensation Addison Rae, Disney star Milo Manheim, and Grey's Anatomy hunk Patrick Dempsey, Thanksgiving tells a holiday horror of a masked murderer "John Carver", who transforms his victims into a Thanksgiving feast after a Black Friday riot turns tragic.

Despite these horrific happenings, Roth assures us it's all fun and games. He carefully crafts a picture that will startle and delight, transforming the gruesome into giggles. "I’ve done the shocking bit for the sake of shock, I wanted a movie that was fun for everybody this time. It's still distasteful and offensive, but the fun kind, the one you just don't see coming."

The original trailer, created way back in 2007 for a meagre pocket change of $100,000, delighted and repelled horror aficionados in equal measure. With this reincarnation, Roth amplifies the terror, tailoring it for a contemporary audience. Don’t mistake this adjustment as a toned-down version though; Roth guarantees his work is as flavoursome as a Thanksgiving turkey, maybe even more so!

So mark your calendars and prepare to get served - 'Thanksgiving' slashes its way into cinemas on November 17. Want to know more? Catch our tête-à-tête with the man behind the madness, Eli Roth in our forthcoming Total Film issue hitting stands on October 12. Trust us, you don't want to miss what we carved out of this interview. And don't forget to pre-order a copy, or even better, subscribe. Not just for the juicy scoops but also to bag a JOBY Magnetic Wireless Charger worth £29.95!

How's that for an offer you can't refuse? A horror masterstroke, a juicy interview and a fascinating freebie! But remember, Thanksgiving is all fun and games until it's your turn to be the turkey!

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