With Benedict Cumberbatch as global spokesperson, Era of Conquest offers players the chance to build and expand their own civilisation in a massive open-world strategy game.

4399 Games Unveils "Era of Conquest" on Mobile and PC

4399 Games, a global force in the gaming landscape, has just announced the worldwide release of "Era of Conquest". This vast and immersive open-world strategy game is now available for iOS, Android, and PC gamers alike.

The game offers a unique shape to the world of strategic gaming featuring internationally recognized actor Benedict Cumberbatch as its spokesperson. In the game, players are given the chance to build their own civilization from the ground up. Not just that—players will have the chance to expand their territories and rule over the vast continent of Terra in the company of legendary historical figures.

As you sift through the landscapes of "Era of Conquest", you will also encounter the intriguing prospect of using a mystical force that lets you summon heroes from different eras. So whether you're charging into battle with King Arthur guiding you or pulling together fragmented territories under the leadership of Qin Shi Huang, you'll be playing in real-time alongside icons of history.

The game adds further layers of complexity with a choice of nine different civilizations to choose from. The battlefield, a staggering 75 x 75 miles (equivalent to 125 by 125 km), plays host to a mind-blowing 6,000 players, allowing for epic clashes of strength and strategy.

To further raise the excitement for its global debut, "Era of Conquest" has released a captivating theme song titled "Art of Glory". Through this song, players can be a part of celebrating the remarkable heroes of the past while paving the way for a resplendent future.

An added incentive for players is the Global Challenge Launch Event which promises a gigantic in-game prize pool of 100 million gems. To be in the running for this reward, players simply need to log into the game before November 2nd at 8:00 PM ET. Successful completion of various missions will fetch players more gems, skins, tags, badges, and more intriguing awards. There's also a special alliance competition that prompts players to team up with others in pursuit of victory.

For those eager to immerse themselves in this grand epic, "Era of Conquest" can be downloaded from the iOS App Store as well as the Google Play Store, catering to Android users. To stay updated on all the latest game developments, visit the official website or explore their official Facebook page. The era is upon us—the era of conquest. Gear up to make your mark on the canvas of history!

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